March 11, 2010

I dropped by my counter on my way home to check out the newest MAC collection, Give Me Liberty of London. This collection is a fun one as the packaging is white with flowers and birds, something very different for MAC, and the products are colourful and happy. The new MAC buyers will love this collection for all its potentials. The more seasoned customers (like me) need to approach with caution to avoid buying dupes. Here's the summary of my thoughts and review:

The lipsticks in this collection are gorgeous. Many bright colours that bold lip lovers like me can appreciate. The problem was that non of the colours are unique to me. Petals and Peacocks is a dead ringer for Gladiola (LE - Dame Edna) and Blooming Lovely is a mix of Lavender Whip and Up the Amp. Ever Hip is a pretty pinky coral but I prefer Fresh Salmon and my Nars Niagara over it. I was interested in Peachstock but I tried it on and the MA agreed that Myth (which I own) is a better nude on me.

The lipglasses are all very pretty. I tried them all on and they were all flattering on except for A Different Groove. I usually like dark lips but I think darker reds and purples suite me more than this one as it has hints of browns in it. I would say A Different Groove would look lovely on deeper skintones. The other three were lovely and I picked Perennial High Style which is a pinker version of Sock Hop (LE - Heatherette). I can imagine it looking gorgeous on top of all my pinky coral lipsticks.

I also tried on Prim n Proper blush and Shell Pearl beauty powder and the combo was so pretty that I was sold and got them both (I'm NW25 for reference). P&P is a peachy nude on me with minimal shimmer, it looks amazing topped with Shell pearl which is a soft pearly peach. I have a feeling I found my go to blush. Dirty Plum blush is super dark, I was scared of even looking at it! My MA said that I could prob wear it with a very light hand but she said she thinks that's another product that's best suited to deeper skintones.

I also grabbed the Blue India nail polish. It's a dusky dark blue with green undertone and unlike anything I have in my nail polish stash. I was surprised to see a colour this dark for spring but hey, it's unique! And I like unique things, especially if they're "dusky" and "blue", lol!

While I was at my counter I also picked up their last Naked l/l; I do nudes lips quite often so this liner will get lotsa use. I didn't bother swatching the eyeshadows as I'm on an eyeshadow no buy until May.

Here's a pic of all my goodies, unopened (I like the boxes, haha):

and here's another picture with all the pretties in their glory:
Left to right: P&P blush, PHS l/g, BI n/p and SP bp. Naked liner is on the bottom

Hope this was helpful to you guys. If you need me to swatch anything, please let me know.

14 Responses to "MAC Give Me Liberty of London Haul and Review"

  1. So Very Fabulous Says:

    Thanks for the review! I can't wait to check this collection out after work.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I am so glad you found you natural blush. Now use it for a week, and then go get another one. If it's HG, you must have back-ups.


  3. Dreams That Glitter Says:

    Oh great haul, that's pretty much what I think I'll pick up. It's not out here in the UK just yet. It looks so prettiful, thanks for posting!


  4. maya Says:

    Oh wow, I am loving the cheek products! :)

  5. Ash Says:

    gr8 haul saadeh! Thanks fof the review..I was lemmin shell pearl, but do you think it would make any diff for NC 40's :)I have fresh salmon l/s, so its a dupe for ever hip?

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    So Very Fab - yay, what's on ur list?

    Dreams that Glitters - np :) hope u guys get it soon.

    Face2MAC - girl u're good at enabling :D I'm gonna wear P&P for a few days and see. So far it feels like it's HG material :)

    Maya - the cheek products were the stars of the collection IMO.

    Ash - thanks :) I think Shell pearl should work as a highlighter for u. My MA told me it's great for fair, light and medium skintones (NC35-40). It looks so gorgeous on top of P&P. Oh and I didn't have my Fresh salmon with me to compare side by side but I think they're fairly close. Especially if you have pigmented lips u should be able to skip Ever Hip

  7. Lipstick Rules Says:

    Great haul! I picked up the one that looks like Lavender Whip and the one that reminds you of the Dame Edna lippie. I missed both of those colours when they came out so this was my way of getting these colours in my collection. The makeup artist actually showed me how to mix the two colours with a bit of Pink Treat liner and it's amazing!

    I have Shell Pearl from years ago --need to bring it out. :-)


  8. Abby Q. Says:

    Great haul and excellent review, I agree that there are some definite dupes- I skipped most of the e/s for that reason alone! Anyways, enjoy your haul and enjoy Naked l/l, it better be made perm! :)

  9. Celly Says:

    ...I don't own any of the dupes (havent bought mac in...eeeesh forever!) so I'm excited to check this collection out. thanks for the post.

  10. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Michelle - those two lippies were gorgeous. If I didn't have dupes i'd be all over them :) I heart my Shell Pearl

    Abby - I know, I already wish I bought 2 Naked l/l! My MA told me it's very likely that they'll become perm though :)

    Celly - np :) You should check out the bright lipsticks. I bet you can rock them like no other ;)

  11. Princesa Livia Says:

    Love your haul! Thanks so much for this review. I really want all the lipsticks, but I have to persuade myself not to get any dupes! You're right, all these colours aren't pretty unique for the MAC enthusiast :( I am so tempted to get Petals and Peacocks, but I already have Gladiola. I have Fresh Salmon and I love it, so I'll probably skip Ever Hip. I have Lavender Whip but not Up the Amp, so I might get Blooming Lovely, if it looks good on me! Peachstock looks pretty, but it seems like a more opaque version of Freckletone (which I also have!) Ah! I admire you for your sensibility and self-control!

  12. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Princess Livia - hehe, I've gotten much more sensible with my MAC spending but started to buy more Chanel and Nars :/ so i wouldn't say I'm that great :D
    So what are u planing on getting from the collex since lipsticks are no go?

  13. gildedangel Says:

    Ooo, great haul! I ordered Summer Rose and Prim and Proper, can't wait until I get them in!

  14. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Gildedangel - U'll love Prim n Proper :)

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