March 31, 2010

I'm feeling much better today. I'm usually the happy go lucky type so the weird moods make everyone wonder what's up with me, lol! It's the last day of the month and time for my monthly favourites yet again. As per usual, these items are not necessary new but they are what I've been using a lot for the month in question (March).


1. Nars Niagara Lipstick - Niagara is a satin finish lipstick; it applies evenly and can be sheer (one coat) or opaque (two coats). I love Nars satin lipstick formula a lot, I would say I like it even more than MAC's amp cream finish. Niagara is a lovely pinky coral shade and is great for spring and summer. It's also one of those universal shades I imagine looking great on most skintones. This lipsticks is getting lotsa love from yours truly.

2. MAC In Synch lip liner - This limited edition lip liner was released with the Too Fabulous collection last month and it's quickly becoming one of my favourite lip liners of all time. The texture is creamy and smooth and the colour is a pale yellow pink. It's great for cooling down lipsticks you might find too coral (to make them more pink) or warm up lipsticks that are very blue based (like St Germain). In Synch is now a staple of mine and I need MAC to make it perm already!

3. MAC Shell Pearl beauty powder - this glowy peachy powder was released with Give Me Beauty of London this month. I love the pearly finish this powder gives to my cheeks. On top of Prim n Proper blush from the same collection, Shell Peal does amazing things to my complexion. I have neutral undertones and I find that this powder makes my cheeks look slightly warmer and glowy.

4. Bobbi Brown Ivy Shimmer gel liner - this is hands down my favourite gel liner, in colour and texture, of all the brands I've ever tried. If you have hazel-ish eye colour like mine try this dark green shade to bring out the gold in your peeps. Much like Cobalt Ink which was in my January favourites, Ivy Shimmer is super long lasting, will not smudge of flake until you take it off. Two thumbs up!

5. Essie Lilacism - this pale lavender shade has been on my nails at least 4 times this month. This is a record for me as I still have so many untried bottles and some I've worn only once since last year, lol! I love this shade for transitioning into spring and hence gave it lotsa love. I find Lilacism on the runny side but I like the shade so the formula doesn't bother me. Click here for swatches.

What were your top 5 products for the month of March? Have you tried any of my top 5 products?

2 Responses to "March Favourites"

  1. Dreams That Glitter Says:

    LOVE that Essie shade, thanks for posting! Just done a monthly favourites, I couldn't choose 5 and had to do 11! haha.


  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    The essie is an awesome spring shade. Wow, 11 faves! I could go up to 20 as well, lol :D

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