March 10, 2010

Hey guys, hope it's sunny where you all live, coz it's just beautiful here in Ottawa. For the first time since October, I ditched my boots and am wearing my red stilettos, yay! There's still snow and ice on the ground but I don't care.

I thought of a discussion topic for today coz I always love hearing your opinions of various beauty related topics. I was doing my makeup in a hurry yesterday and was struck by my usual makeup weakness; I cannot apply eyeshadow to my lower lashline as precisely as I'd like! I feel like the line is always too thick and not blended enough! I guess I spend more time on my actual lid and by the time I get to lower lashline I get lazy :/ Arghhhhh, I just need to be more patient with it I guess.

My other weakness is applying flase lashes. I know that one is a weakness as I have never in my life have put on fake lashes *gasps*. It might have to do with the fact that my lashes are pretty long so I never felt the need but I do want to try them for extra drama. I'm just too scared to screw up, lol! Any tips?

What are your makeup application or technic weaknesses? What do you want to improve on?

9 Responses to "Makeup Application Improvement"

  1. Makeup by Kim Porter Says:

    I used to have trouble putting mine on, and after trying a couple of times, and watching people get theirs done I was able to put mine on w/o issue. I find it easier to put lashes on that have a sturdy band, which is why I like NYX lashes.

    Try holding the lashes with a tweezer when applying. that helps

    Make sure the glue is tacky

  2. Fintia Says:

    I bought a gorgeous pair of lashes and have been struggling! lol I'm just practicing and practicing.. hopefully soon I'm gonna be able to wear them!

  3. Kinjal Says:

    i have such a hard time sometimes getting both eyes even!

    ps. i love your fotds

  4. Pixie Says:

    I always struggle with my eyebrows. They have a will of their own!

    They are quite light so I have to use something them, but I can never seem to make them as symmetrical as I want.

  5. So Very Fabulous Says:

    I bought my first ever false lashes last weekend! I was lucky enough to go to the MAC warehouse sale and they were $3 there, I couldn't resist picking up a few pairs. I am hoping it's not too much of a disaster when I try to apply them! Still have to pick up some glue before I attempt. Good luck when you do too! :)

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Kim - thank you so much for the tips :)

    Fintia - I need to start practicing too!

    Kinjal - Thank you, I'm glad u look the looks :)

    Pixie - did u try using a pencil to create a shape and then fill them in?

    So very fab - wow, u got some good deals! Hope u get it right :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Aww I didn't realize you had a blog! Add this to my reader! I always love your FOTD's from specktra.

  8. Abby Q. Says:

    I definitely agree with lashes! I can always get the one eye on just fine, but the 2nd eye, no matter what, I can NEVER apply. I will try it 3 times and it won't stick. grr. But on other people, I can apply lashes like a champ, haha. And I think that other than that, I often have trouble getting that overall "polished" makeup look. It looks good, but not AMAZING. It doesn't help that I'm somewhat lazy, I use the same technique no matter the colors, and stuff. I guess I just need more time in the day :P

  9. Shadowy Lady Says:

    PrettyPeaches - thank you so much :)

    Abby - well, your makeup in your avatar looks very polished to me ;) I really need to get off my lazy butt and start applying fake lashes :/

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