March 17, 2010

I was browsing Specktra and Temptalia and reading info on upcoming spring and summer makeup collections. There's lots to take in for someone who's on low buy and trying to only get what I will absolutely use.

I thought that I should ask myself, what do I look for in a makeup collection? I gave it some thought since last night and came up with this:

1. I need unique yet wearable colours. I adore bolder and brighter shades as well but I do have a tone of those in my stash already. How many times do I really use MUFE #75? What I'm looking for are more unique versions of shades I wear frequently (green, gold, purple and neutrals with a kick).

2. I need the right amount of product for the price I'm paying. This is why I started getting into Nars. I pay more but I also get a lot more. I highly doubt I'll ever buy another MAC Dazzleglass. Chanel's Glossimers are similar but better quality and you get more for the price you pay.

3. Unlike a lot of ppl, I do not like multi tasking palettes. I would not pay for a palette of eye/cheek/lip product. I know the palette will sit in my drawer untouched. I rather have full version of each in separate packaging.

What do you look for in a makeup collection? Packaging? Product quality? Price? Multi tasking palettes? Please share your thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

3 Responses to "What Do You Look for in a Makeup Collection?"

  1. LauraSummer Says:

    I'm the opposite, I love palettes but mainly eyeshadow ones not multi purpose like YSL often bring out, I have a few and never use them. I like collections to have really striking and different colours to the normal line that work well together, and I'm a sucker for LE lipsticks in pretty packaging!

  2. A Lovely Blogger Says:

    I am the same way about palettes, unless they are neutral easy to wear colors. I know for sure I do not like lipsticks or glosses in a pot or pan of any kind...applicators and application is a big thing for me - I really like to avoid having messy fingers! I'm not as skilled with makeup as many beauty bloggers are but I am really learning what I will and won't use.

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Laura - I do like eyeshadow palettes too, I meant the multi-purpose ones :) I really hope we see more striking and different colours in future collections.

    A Lovely Blogger - I know what u mean about applicators, I hate them too!

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