March 29, 2010

I made a random trip to the mall on Saturday to pick something for my friend's b-day (which was on Saturday, I'm a procrastinator!). I've been regretting for a bit now not picking up Birds n Berries e/s from MAC Liberty of London collection. So I stopped by a counter in this mall and found it in stock there luckily.


I'm glad I picked this up, it looks like my type of colour. I have no idea I waited so long to buy it. It looks nothing like Deep Blue Green as you can see below.

Birds n Berries on the left, Deep Blue Green p/m on the right

And then the Nars fiend that I've become I stopped by their counter to get some more duos. I really like the duos I got before. I think the pigmentation is great and I don't mind the price tag as you get two e/s for $38CAD. You would spend the same amount on MAC but you get more products with Nars. I was gonna just get one but I couldn't decide between the two I wanted so I got both. I got Star Sailor and South Pacific.


Star Sailor is described on the Nars website as a heather gold and antique bronze duo and I think the description is right on. The gold side is a bit like MAC's Gorgeous Gold but not as as green and the bronze side reminds me of MAC's Museum Bronze p/m (LE) but not as dark. The texture of both sides is lovely. I'm recently digging these earth tone shades so this was a happy addition to my stash.



South Pacific is described on the Nars website as a shimmering blue turquoise and dark aquamarine duo. The blue turquoise is a bit like MAC's Tilt but more pigmented. The aquamarine side is in between MAC's Mutiny and Teal p/m. Again both sides are very pigmented and apply smoothly. I have a weakness for the ocean colours and as the summer is approaching, I thought this duo would be a nice start.



Do you guys own any of these products? Bought anything recently you want to share?

5 Responses to "Ooops, More Nars Duos Plus MAC Birds n Berries"

  1. Perfectly Imperfect Says:

    I love those Nars duos. They are lovely. I have never owned any of the Nars shadows but now I want to get some :)

  2. jackieg02 Says:

    I have waaay too many NARS shadows, singles and duos. Star Sailor is my favorite duo.

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Perfectly Imperfect - you need some Nars duos in your life :)

    Jackie - I agree Star Sailor is lovely. What other duos do you have? and which other ones do u recommend?

  4. Abby Q. Says:

    I have been eyeing South Pacific for a couple years now! I am always so close to buying it, it looks gorgeous. I gotta just buy it :) Enjoy your new goodies!

  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Abby - if u like blues and teals, u'll love South Pacific. I need to use mine in a look this week

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