February 2, 2011

My 29th birthday is coming up in three days. I cannot believe how quickly my 28th went by. Now, I'm loving my late 20's. I feel so much more confident in my own skin, love my hubby, our house and my job. I'm actually looking forward to my 30's. However, as I only have officially one year till the big 3-0, I thought of 15 goals I want to achieve in 2011. I know everyone does New Year's resolution but I don't like to share my timing with the whole world, lol!

Let's see how many of these I can actually accomplish till 2012. These are in random order:

1. Find a new family doctor - I hate my current doctor and have been too lazy to look for a new one. Good doctors are hard to find.
2. Pick up a new hobby - besides blogging, reading and cooking of course!
3. Get to my goal weight by June - this one is harder than it seems, but I gotta do it.
4. Go Snowshoeing - yep, I'm Canadian and I yet have to do this. Gotta get to it before end of winter.
5. Get my LEED certificate - another one of those certificate that will benefit my career. I've been too lazy to take the courses and all. But this should be the year for it.
6. Visit Vegas - I really wanna make it to Vegas before my 30th birthday. At the very least, that's where my 30th birthday party can be.
7. Learn nail art - free handing that is. I wear polish every single day yet I cannot do nail art to save my life.
8. Finish a lipstick - I know this sounds funny, but I have too many damn lipsticks to count now and I need to finish at least one of them this year.
9. Meet more blogger friends in person - there are not that many bloggers in my city but I want to make it my goal to meet some of my readers this year.
10. Be more patient - this is gonna be hard, I'm the opposite of patient. I can't chill coz I'm always looking at what "will" come later.
11. Be more in touch - I'm guilty of letting my daily life take over and forgetting to call and email friends. I need to be better at this, especially for friends that do not live in the same city as me.
12. Read more biographies - I'm a book worm already but I want to learn more about influential figures. Chapter's here I come!
13. Finish one home renovation project - we have a few renovation projects in mind and I want to at least finish one this summer. Hopefully the bedroom in the basement.
14. Be more creative with my hair - since I was blessed with "good hair", I'm utterly lazy with styling it. I want to learn more styles this year and actually do them as opposed to wash n go.
15. Start a new workout DVD - I will be finishing with the 30-day shred by late March and I need a new workout DVD. Any recommendations?

And now, just for kicks, I thought I share some previous bday pics with you guys. My parents threw birthday parties for me since I was one so I've always been into birthday celebrations. Here's my last 5 years in pics:

2005 - hubby (then bf) thew me a surprise party. I'm not very easy to surprise so props to him!

2006 - went tobogganing with some friends. I'm not normally outdoorsy but this was fun.

2007 - awww I was so slim back then!

2008 - our first big house party together. I had a lot of those "Reve"s

2009 - at Lago night club. I loved the huge ice cream bowl they give you instead of birthday piece of cake :D

2010 - I was pretty tipsy by the time this pic was taken but I was doing an MJ thing, lol!

Will be sharing this year's birthday pics on the weekend! Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

7 Responses to "Goals for My 29th Year"

  1. Arezu Says:

    That's a good idea to write down your goals, that way you'll be more likely to do it, it's not just a thought, I should try that.

    You can try Ontario's Health Care connect to look for a new family doctor, the only thing is if you take that route, they find you a family doctor and then that's it. If you don't like him/her then you'd have to go through that process all over again.

    Good luck with everything (:

  2. Straight Up Glam Says:

    Happy early Birthday!
    I love that you wrote a list of goals to achieve in the year, I will be trying this!
    I definitely agree on a few things you have listed! I hate hate hate my doctor too, but a good one is so hard to find! Chapter's is my happy place, I love to go there when I want some me-time! And I think you are the only blogger that I know of who lives in the same city as me! Haha!

    Good luck with your goals!!

    Andrée xx

    PS. I must go to Lago and pretend it's my birthday!! That ice cream bowl looks heavenly!!

  3. Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty Says:

    I don't know any beauty blogger where I live either. Had to resort to TBB (Toronto Beauty Bloggers) and join their meetups to see everyone

  4. Unknown Says:

    You have award on my blog! Just drop by and collect :)

  5. PinkCitrus Says:

    he huge ice cream bowl? YUMMY! :p

  6. Amina Says:

    happy birthday!! Ireally love your goals!!!
    I am 29 too and will be celebrating the big 30 this summer. I am ready for the 30s

  7. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Arezu - thanks hun. I gotta check them out. I've been too lazy to look for another doctor. I really need get down to it this year though :/

    Andree - We need to meet up lady! Do you work downtown? I can drop by and say hi the next time I'm ther. Message me ur email address.

    Halifax - I know, I go TO a lot but I always have so much family and friends to see that I don't get to meet bloggers. I have met a few but not that many.

    Persa - thank you :) Which post is it? I couldn't locate it...

    PinkCitrus - it was yummy and I couldn't even eat a quarter of it :/

    Amina - thank you. My 30th will be 2012. I feel ready for that too :)

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