January 29, 2010

MAC's newest collection, Spring Forecast is scheduled to be released in North America on February 11th. I was lucky enough to be invited to a preview party at my local freestanding store on February 2. Here's the invite:


You can open it like kinda like a book and each page has one of the selected trend colours (pink, purple, coral and neutral/bronze). This will be my second time attending a preview party. I sure hope it's not as crowded as the Hello Kitty event.

I'm trying to build a wishlist for this collection as this is the first MAC collection that has actually grabbed my attention since Style Black. I think it's mostly coz it's a huge collection and also organized by colour category so there's something for everyone. You can find full collection description and swatches on Specktra. The swatches look positively drool worthy!

Luckily, I will be getting some cash from hubby for my b-day (which happens to be three days after the event). It's actually the first time I'll be using hubby's money to buy makeup; I feel kinda odd about it, lol! Based on the swatches I've seen, these are the products I'm considering:

- Perky and Straw Harvest e/s
- Purple Quad
- Neutral pigment set
- Bronzillla l/s
- Bubblegum or Victoria l/s (Victorian looks like a colour that usually clashes with my skintone though)
- Electric Fuchsia l/s

Have you guys seen the pictures from this new collection? What's on your wishlist (if any)? Who's also going to a preview party?

7 Responses to "MAC Spring Colour Forecast Anticipation"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure what I want from this collection yet. Everything just looks great! Defiantly gotta get one of the blushes though. Have fun at the preview

  2. Fintia Says:

    I'm going to the party! I'm so excited because it will be my 1st one ever.

    My wishlist is:

    Springshine ombre
    Lavender wind l/g
    Bubblegum l/s
    Purple quad
    Straw harvest e/s
    Nanogold e/s

  3. em Says:

    cool invite! I love pretty much everything from the collection :D

  4. Pixie Says:

    Im considering one of the pigment stacks (will probably be the neutral one) and one of those funky looking blushes.

  5. Shayla Says:

    Tooooootally going to the party, but I didn't get a paper invite :( Just the emailed one.

    I have NO idea what I want to buy. I know that purple quad is calling to me, but I dunno. I'll have to make a list, I guess!

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Kelly - thanks :) I totally forgot about the blushes!

    Fintia - yey! I might also get Springshine if it's not to similar to Eversun.

    Em - your swatches really did me in :D

    Pixie - the pigments look really good. I wasn't considering them but ever since seeing swatches I changed my mind.

    Shayla - the quad is calling me too. I think that's one of my definites!

  7. Bedalyz Says:

    **Sniff** I got my invite and they called me and I said almost crying that I couldn't go... :(

    Have an awesome time =)

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