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February 7, 2010

I don't usually do clothing hauls on my blog; I keep it strictly beauty related, but ShiningSttar wanted to see the damage I made to my wallet last Friday (birthday haul) so I thought I'd make this post. So this post is dedicated to you Tahnee! :)

I got the tank on the left from sales at Jacobs for $9.99. The corset on the right is also on sale from LeChateau for $39.99. I have a "thing" for corsets. I find they emphasize my figure in a good way. I also love anything with lace, so this was the perfect purchase.

These two skirts were both from the Jacobs sale as well and came to $50 all together. I loooove mini skirts; summer is always so short so I make sure I maximize the time I wear my minis. I'll prob start wearing this mini in March (with leggings). The pink one I bought coz I love the colour.

I'm a strictly "high heel" kinda girl despite my height (I'm 5'7"). The only time I wear anything but high heel is when I go to the gym or I do site visits (for which I have to wear steel toed shoes). I've decided this year that I finally wanna wear more fats. I got these at a store called Joneve. They sell mid range shoes like Nine West, Steve Madden for slightly cheaper price. They had a mega sale so I got these for $80 all in! The pair on the right has kitten heels and the other one is completely flat!

Finally I picked up Jade Is the New Black and Suzi Says Feng Shui from OPI's Hong Kong collection and a top coat from Trade Secret. I also got BB's Ivy Shimmer gel liner from Holt Renfrew. I love this shade and you'll probably see tones of FOTD's with it soon. I went to Holt to see BB's new coral collection but they didn't have it in yet :(

What was the last thing you guys bought? Do you also enjoy bargain shopping a little too much? ;)

6 Responses to "B-day Haul"

  1. Shayla Says:

    I have a thing for corsets, too - does that mean I should bring mine when I come visit?

    Looks like you got some great stuff for a good deal - I love bargain shopping too! I haven't bought anything in a good while, but I'm saving up for when I'm closer to my target "image", and when I come visit, too :D

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shayla - yeah, u should def bring yours when u come visit ;) I'm not supposed to shop until I get closer to my target too but I wanted to treat myself on my b-day

  3. Fintia Says:


  4. Jessica Says:

    Great haul! I love that corset!

  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks girls :)

  6. ShiningSttar Says:

    I love the white top!! I miss Jacobs so much!! I wish we had one here but we dont :(
    Funny Im a strictly flats girl who just started to get into heels. Im 5'8.5 though, so I call myself Amazon-Tahn when I wear heels haha! But they make me feel sexy! I wish I could find a corset that fit over my whoo whoos!! Jelolus!

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