February 11, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone! Since I live in Ontario, we have a long weekend coming up so I'll be off Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I'm planing on making a trip to a small town around here on Saturday to visit my friend's baby who's now 6 month old (and super cute). The rest of our plans are still pending. What's everyone's weekend plans?

For today's poll, I wanted to ask you about your makeup inspiration. How do you come up with various colour combinations? Do you get inspired by other ppl's FOTD's? Looking at nature perhaps? or maybe you match your makeup to your outfit? Or do you just pick colours randomly?

I thought of this question as this is the #1 question I get askd in my blog comments and on Specktra. I'm actually quite random with my color combos. I tend to pick colours that compliment (not match) my outfit. But the majority of the time, I think of a colour in my stash that I haven't worn for a while and think of what colours would go well with it. If I just bought new makeup, then I think of colours in my stash that make an interesting combo with this new purchase. I think of all the possible combos when I'm in a relaxed state of mind; either I'm cooking or showering, lol! That being said, I have my go-to combo of blues and purples that I can run to if I'm drawing a blank.

Where do you guys get inspiration for your makeup looks?

2 Responses to "Thursday Poll - Makeup Inspiration"

  1. Fintia Says:

    Well with me it depends sometimes I like to recreate other ppl works,other times I don't even konw what I am going to do and it just happens!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Fintia - I know I'm pretty random, actually the least I think about it the better the combination, haha!

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