February 4, 2010

Since I did a look inspired by the neutral quad in Colour #4 of MAC's Spring Colour Forecast yesterday, I decided I might as well do them all. I picked the pinks as I really wanted to try my new blush, Azalea Blossom ombre. I loooove this blush. It's a beautiful pinky lilac on me. It's not very shiny either, just has a little bit of glow. I can see this becoming one of my most used blushes.

In other news, I have picked winner for the giveaway at random. The winner will be announced officially tomorrow morning. Thank you guys all for participating <3 Here's today's look:

Btw, I'm annoyed how it looks like I'm only wearing one shade of pink :(

LW Portfolio
Ben Nye Setting powder
Azalea Blossom b/o

Fresco Rose p/p - base
Ego e/s - inner 1/3 lid
Annabelle Magentini p/m - mid 1/3 lid
Bright Fuchsia p/m - outer 1/3
MUFE #92 - crease
MUFE #26 - above crease
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Smashbox Heartbreaker liquid liner

Bubblegum l/s
Electric Fuchsia l/g





4 Responses to "Spring Colour Forecast: Colour #1 Inspired"

  1. Shayla Says:

    Totally looks similar to mine...I guess I copied you since you're 2 hours ahead.

    Also, nice sweater vest :P

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    lol! I'm gonna head over to see yours. I like this sweater vest even though it's argyle (I hate argyles), only coz it's pink :D

  3. Fintia Says:

    pretty! and yay for the future winner!!

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Fintia - thank you :)

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