February 2, 2010

I attended a preview party for MAC's Spring Colour Forecast this evening so I thought I share my take on the collection for those interested. This collection is scheduled to be officially released next week. Please keep in mind that this is sort of a mini review as the collection is huge and I pretty much only looked at the items I was interested in.

I'm going to break my review down into 4 categories: pink, purple, coral and neutral.

Pink Colours
This was my favourite part of the launch. All the lipsticks, with the exception of Phloox which looked like lip balm on me, were very flattering on. I was very surprised by Bubblegum lipstick. One of the prettiest glazes I've ever seen and it's a light cool pink with some lavender mixed in. I also loved the lipglosses in the pink trend. I picked up Electric Fuchsia which looks awesome on top of Bubblegum. I also loved Hush, Hush Rose. I will go back for it next week. I did not swatch the pigment stalk or the eyeshadows but I did put on the blush and fell in love! Azalea Blossom is a cotton candy pink with hints of lavender when you mix all the colours. Super flattering on my skin and I picked it up. I recommend this blush to all light medium to light skintone ladies. Especially if you have cool or neutral tones (I'm pretty neutral), this will look awesome on you!

Purple Colours
I went straight for the quad #3 as this was a definite on my wishlist. I love how the four colours look together and the fact that there is a mix of frosty and matte finishes. I also tried Vintage Grape blush on. This one is a hard colour for me to pull of. It makes my cheeks look sorta bruised. I would say it's a little too purple for me. Another fave: Purple Rage lipgloss is super hot! I passed it for now but I might go back for it. The only reason I didn't get it was that it reminded me of Amorous d/g. Lavender Wind l/g is very sheer, pass!

Coral Colours
I loved the lip products in this section as well but the only one that worked on my skintone was Fresh Salmon lipstick. It's a nice sheered out pinky coral, super pretty on. I wanted to love Victorian but it has these gold flecks that somehow clash with my colouring. I also loved Ember Glow lipgloss but it looks a lot like Sock Hop from the Heatherette release. The Ripe Peach blush is another hit from this section. It's a light peachy coral and I can imagine it looking gorgeous for spring and summer. I didn't get it as I was trying to be on the budget but you never know it might find its way into my stash! Once again, I didn't swatch the eyeshadows, I don't wear tones of warm corals and oranges and my eyeshadow stash is overflowing at the moment, lol!

Neutral Colours
I got Bronzilla lipstick which is a frosty bronze colour and nothing I've seen before from MAC. It needs some layering (or perhaps concealer on the lips) to get the affect I wanted but it was well worth it! The quad is very pretty but also quite dupable. The lipglosses in this section were my least favourite as they were the sheerest of the bunch. Springshine blush comes on quite like a bronzer on me. I have about 3 bronzers laying around so I passed.

Overall, I liked this collection. It's got something for everyone but I would say personally I loved the pink products best as they mostly worked on me. I also thought this event was much better that the Hello Kitty one from last year. This time they had a coat check so I wasn't boiling in the store. It was also funny that all the MAC MA's from different counters in Ottawa were there. They all know me so I actually spent most of my time chitchatting with them, lol!

Here's a picture of my haul:
Quad #3, Azalea Blossom Blush Ombre, Bronzilla l/s, Bubblegum l/s, Fresh Salmon l/s and Electric Fuchsia l/g

and some crappy swatches of the lip products (sorry, I'm a little tired and my hand kept shaking)
Left to right: Electric Fuchsia l/g, Fresh Salmon l/s, Bubblegum l/s, Bronzilla l/s

Hope my review was helpful to you guys. I will try to do some product comparison swatches tomorrow. What is everyone getting from this collection?

7 Responses to "MAC Spring Colour Forecast Review + Haul"

  1. Zerin Says:

    Great haul hun. So JEALOUS of your haul! lol I don't want to buy too much now since I don't want too many repetitive or too sheer colours. I'm lemming the nailpolishes though...especially the orange one. Can't wait for some looks with your new goodies.

  2. Fintia Says:

    I went to the event last night.. and left empty handed.. my card was expired, did not go through.. I am so sad today :-(

    I had bronzilla with me, even though I dont do frosts, it was so pretty that I was gonna give it a try.

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Zerin - thanks :) I didn't even look at the polishes, lol! It was so busy I totally forgot about them...also I counted and I have 150 nail polishes :/

    Fintia - aww, that sucks! I'm sure they'll still let u buy ahead of time. Just call them

  4. Chibu74 Says:

    love the e/s quad...also the pink l/s is so so pretty...good haul

  5. ShiningSttar Says:

    Im wanting that Salmon lippy so bad!! Its on my list of the shades I probably will actually get haha!

  6. Princesa Livia Says:

    I'm really liking the looks of Electric Fuchsia l/g, Fresh Salmon l/s & Bubblegum l/s :) Thank you for the review!x

  7. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Chibu - thanks :) I love Bubblegum.

    Tahnee - you should get the Salmon lippie. I think it's universally flattering shade.

    Princess Livia - no hun! Hope you like these products when u get to do your haul

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