February 10, 2010

I thought I do a review of one of my favourite Canadian brands, Marcelle. I have been using Marcelle and their sister company, Annabelle products since high school and I definitely think that their products are getting consistently better.

I had never tried out anything from Marcelle's skincare line but they generously sent me some products to try out and I must say I'm hooked. I received Essential Ante-wrinkle cream, Hydra-C 24H Hydrating Fluid and Gentle Makeup Remover For Sensitive Eyes. I've been using these products for three weeks now s I think it's a fair bit of usage so I can do my review.


Hydra-C 24H Hydrating Fluid
This is a super light daytime cream. It has sort of a gel consistency and hence applies evenly and has a cooling affect on the skin as it settles in. It also gets absorbed in my skin quickly so I don't have to wait forever to get my makeup done. I use this moisturizer first thing in the morning before I put on my concealer and foundation and my skin stays moisturized until the evening when I take my face off, lol! This lotion is enriched with vitamins E and C and I find it really soothes my winter dry skin. I also like that the bottle has a pump, I'm not big on dipping my finger in a jar to get my moisturizer out.

Essential Ante-wrinkle cream
I always thought you wouldn't need ante-creams until you're at least 35. My mom who's an esthetician is the one who hooked me into using the night creams telling me to have goo skin you need to start taking care of it early. I recently converted to Marcelle's Essential ante-wriknle cream as it offers all the benefits of more pricey brands and the price is right! This spedific products is ideal for ppl of age 22-35 (I'm guessing majority of you reading this are). It's a very rich unscented cream that I apply at night right before bed to fight the signs of aging. This product is essential for me as I talk with too much facial expression and I can already see some tiny wrinkle around my eyes. This cream can be used by anyskin type; oily, combination (mine) or dry. I've ben using this cream at night with Hydra-C moisturizer in the morning and my skin has never felt smoother. I also have super sensitive skin that has not reacted to either one of these products. I'm defintely hooked!

Gentle Makeup Remover For Sensitive Eyes
I've been a long timer user of Lancome Bi-Facil but since discovering Marcelle's makeup remover, I'm not even sure why I ever used the Lancome one. The Marcelle version is an excellent dupe and much easier on my wallet. This makeup remover is ideal for ppl with sensitive eyes or contact wearers like me. I just give the bottle a good shake, dab a little solution on a cotton pad and it takes all my eye makeup right off (water-proof mascara included). You don't need to rub too hard or anything. The solution does all the work. The only drawback I would say that my skin feel a little oily after using this product. But I use a gentle cleanser to wash up my foundation after so no complains there. I also like the soothing affect the green tea extract found in this makeup remover has on my eyes. Two thumbs up!

In summary, I liked all three products. I will definitely re-purchase them when I finish mine.

Have you guys used any Marcelle products before? Any thoughts? Also, if you have used them, do you have recommendation on other producst I might like?

3 Responses to "Canadian Brand Spotlight - Marcelle"

  1. Gaby Says:

    I LOVE Marcelle and Annabelle! I've aslso been sent some lovely products to test and review. I'm currently working on an Annabelle pigment eyeshadow review.

  2. ShiningSttar Says:

    My mom got me hooked on that Makeup remover!!! Love it, I've never tried anything else in thier skin care line though!!! Maybe I will take a look!!!

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Gaby - I need to do my Annabelle review soon too. Which pigments did u receive?

    Tahnee - I know I love this makeup remover! I'm never going back to Lancome. I do recommend these two cream too. I was pleasantly surprised

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