February 4, 2010

I know, this poll is about lipstick again! It's just that since 2008 I've really been into lipsticks and still expanding my collection and trying out different colours.

If you were to pink only ONE lipstick colour to wear, what colour would you pick? I'm pretty sure that would be red for me. Red lipsticks tend to always look good on me (regardless of their undertones and intensity) and I always feel so put together when I have a red lipsticks on. I think then if I were to keep one lipstick from my stash, I would keep MAC's Ruby Woo.

What colour is your pick. Please feel free to elaborate in comments.

2 Responses to "Thursday Poll - Lipstick Colour"

  1. Fintia Says:

    I think I would wear purples like MAC Up the amp :-)

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Fintia - I loooove Up the Amp. If I could keep two lipsticks, then the second one would be Up the Amp

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