May 8, 2010

Morning everyone! I meant to post this review yesterday but I never got to it. But it's a rainy day today and I'm leaving the house until dinner time so this is the perfect opportunity. This is a review of the new mineral products I received from Annabelle Cosmetics. I've been playing with the goodies for a week now so I get a good feeling on the wear of the product.


1. Mineral Powder Foundation ($12.50) - I must admit I was a little hesitant with the mineral powder as I have developed an allergy to MAC's MSFN's and didn't want my sensitive face to react again. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this foundation. It is very light weight and finely milled, the coverage is medium and it did not make me breakout (yey). I would say it covers and lasts as well as my MUFE Duo Matt foundation. With Annabelle's foundation about a third of the price, I don't think I'm going back to my Duo Mat anymore. The shade I received is Barely Beige which is a little dark for my NW25 skintone right now (though it's hard to see in the pic taken with flash). It's prob more suitable in NC35 skintone. I'm planing on using this foundation mostly in the summer so by then I should be more tan ;)

2. Mineral Powder Bronzer (Terra, $10.50) - This was my fave product of the bunch. Very pigmented soft bronze shade with more brown (rather than orange) undertone. Easy to apply and gorgeous on.

3. Mineral Blush (Sugar Rush, $10.50) - This is a lovely finely milled blush with the same texture as the bronzer. The shade is more of a warmer pink which makes it lovely for the summer months. I loved the bronzer and blush layered together, gives an amazing glow to the cheeks. I loved this blush so much that I went in and got the exact same one for my mom as part of her Mother's Day gift.

4. Mineral Pigment Dust (Violet Vibe, $8.50) - Violet Vibe is a lovely violet shade, it actually looks very similar to MAC's Violet pigment. The pigment dust is also finely milled so I recommend using a sticky eye base and a dense brush for minimal fall out. The only con is that it's kinda hard for me to get my brush into the jar and get the pigment out as the access hole is very tiny. I did manage though.

5. Pro A-12 blush brush round - this brush is mush better at applying blush than bronzer as the name suggest. I tried it for both products and got much better results with the blush. The bristles are super soft. Definitely a great addition to my brush stash.

6. Volumelip (Cherryoke and Sweet Tweet, $8.50) - These come in sqeezy tube and the texture of the gloss itself is very jelly-like. Once applied on the lips, it has more of a satiny juicy look, more like a lip balm. It's definitely a non sticky texture which I personally love. I find the tube itself hard to sqeeuze but as per Annabelle's email to me, the tube are being redesigned to be more malleable. Cherryoke is my fave shade of the two as it's a watermelon pink; my lips are about the same colour so this makes them standout in a gorgeous way. Sweet Tweet is a baby pink and the sheerer of the two. It looks gorgeous on top of your baby pink lipsticks.

Here's an FOTD I did with all the products listed above and Cherryoke on the lips. I love the summary and glowy look!

and a closer swatch of Cherryoke <3

Yet another great experience with Annabelle Cosmetics. The powder foundation is perfect for summer and I'm loving the bronzer and blush combo. Definitely check these products for yourself and let me know what you think. If you already own some, how do you like them?

4 Responses to "Annabelle's Mineral Line - Review and Swatch"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You look beautiful! It's cherryoke such a pretty colour!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Your skin looks amazing with this foundation! Now I want to check this stuff out!

  3. Gaby Says:

    Cute look! Cherryoke looks gorgeous!

    Have you tried unscrewing the lid of the Pigment Dust? I find it much easier to use when you do that than trying to dip a brush in the tiny hole. Hope it helped (=

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Emily - thanks, I do love Cherryoke.

    Prettypeaches - thanks, it's a great summer foundation for me.

    Gaby - thank you for the tip. I will def try that, shall make my life much easier :)

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