May 14, 2010

Never before I've been this excited about a Friday! This Friday puts an end to a pretty terrible 4 weeks at work. I actually did a lil dance as I got home, lol! I'm off to the parents soon and will be going out with a girlfriend tomorrow. What's everyone doing this weekend?

I did this red tones soft brown smokey look for today. I'm really digging the brown tones lately and I have a feeling some of my great latest finds (Nars Codrura and MAC Gold Stroke) have something to do with that. I'm also in LOVE with my mini Nars Risky Business l/g, aka the perfect MLBB lipgloss. I shall pick up a full sized one soon.

LW portfolio - Light
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - Light 5(Fiji)
Ben Nye powder
Too Faced Sun Bunny bronzer
fad-Dabulou mb

Artifact p/p - base
Gold Stroke p/m - lid
Coppering e/s - crease
Expensive Pink e/s - inner crease
Melon p/m - above crease
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Annabelle Brown k/l - to line
Nars Cordura duo - dark side to smudge liner

Nars Risky Business l/g





3 Responses to "Red Toned Browns"

  1. Fintia Says:

    yay! looking great my dear :-) This weekend is my son's #2 Bday! We are excited ;-)

  2. Shayla Says:

    It's funny, because I remember the day you said you didn't like browns!

    Beautiful look as always, my dear :)

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Fintia - aww, happy b-day to your son. Hope you really spoil him :)

    Shayla - I know, I used to find them boring. Maybe now I am boring ;)

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