May 31, 2010

I checked out MAC's To the Beach collection while I was in the middle of my vacation in Halifax. I met up with Samantha from Cosmetosaur in the mall. She's a sweetie in person, and so very hyper :D Here's a picture of the two of us. She has the coolest green hair and don't get me started on her eyebrows. Ask her for the shades she used on them.

I was not really that thrilled with To the Beach. I think it's one of the least inspirational summer collections MAC has done in a while. I wanted to get Firecracker e/s but ended up passing. I figured I wouldn't use it that much and I already have orange and coral shades from MUFE. I loved Thrills l/s, a gorgeous rosy bronze shade which does not look like anything in my stash. I also grabbed Temperature Rising l/l, a beautiful bold orange and perfect for summer. I also got Fleurry of Fun l/g which is a sheer orange with teal glitters. It looks awesome over Thrills actually.

Here's my tiny haul:

When I was the Kittery's outlet in Maine, I visited their CCO as well. I was mostly concerned with buying clothes and shoes so I didn't spend too much time in the CCO. I did get two fluidlines, Blue Peep and Macroviolet as well as Cocomotion pigment.

I'm quite happy that I kept both hauls small. There was way too many other nice things to buy and yummy seafood to eat to worry about getting more makeup, lol!

What did you guys haul from the Beach?

4 Responses to "To The Beach and CCO Haul"

  1. Fintia Says:

    Enjoy your goodies!
    I'll be getting the blue liner, Beach bound l/s and Sweet and punchy ;-)

  2. Shayla Says:

    Nice hauls :) I haven't even been to a MAC counter to check out To the Beach, yet...

  3. Laura @ Sawan-Heaven Says:

    I purchased two of the Marine Life Highlighting powders. I just adored the seahorse! I'm going to head back over and see if there is anything else I really want.


  4. Wendy Says:

    Whenever you run out of Thrills, NYX has a dupe called Indian Pink! :) I got Marine Life, Hipness, Lazy Day, and Easy Lounger. Love 'em all but was really disappointed with Easy Lounger's lack of color payoff.

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