May 13, 2010

I apologize for lack of posts these days. It's now getting a bit ridiculous at my work. Yesterday I came home and all I wanted to do was cry from frustration and stress. Luckily a couple of friends came over and after chatting and all I felt slightly better. I woke up with a headache again though :(

For this edition of Thursday Poll, I wanted to ask you about your preference when it comes to loose vs pressed eyeshadows. When I first got into makeup (perhaps 9-10 years ago), I was all about pressed eyeshadows as I had no idea how to deal with pigments or loose eyeshadows. Nowadays, I have become pretty comfortable with my pigments and I would say I use them as much as my pressed colours if not more. I think I actually even prefer pigments as they are more versatile and also more vibrant (in most cases). My fave trick with all brands pigments is first to use them over a sticky base. Then I usually apply the pigment damp at first and layer a dry coat of the same pigment on top.

Over to you, which of the two do you prefer? Or do you use both simultaneously like me?

1 Response to "Thursday Poll - Loos vs Pressed Eyeshadow"

  1. Nepenthe Says:

    Since I've pressed most of my pigments, they've definitely been used more regularly. I reach for my palettes so often, it just made sense for me to put them in there.. no point in having all those pigments if they were hardly being used.

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