May 20, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm only one and half work day away from our road trip to Atlantic Canada! I'm hoping that mother nature cooperates and it doesn't rain much. But even so I'm still determined to have a super chill time.

For today's poll I wanted to ask you a skincare related question. I'm getting more and more into skincare products lately but there is so much info and products out there that one can easily get confused! If you are in your mid to late 20's, do you use an ante-wrinkling eye cream on a regular basis? See, I don't but I've been told by many sources that I should start before I hit my 30's (I'm 28).

Please use the poll on the side and let me know if you use one. If so, is there a particular product that you would recommend?

2 Responses to "Thursday poll - Ante-Wrinkle Eye Cream"

  1. Fintia Says:

    Hi! vacations!! always fun :-)

    I've been using for a while Clinique's All about eyes as a preventive method for wrinkles. But now that I'll be turning 29 on July, I really want to switch to a better cream. But like you said, there are so many out there, that last time I checked, I ended up overwhelmed not knowing which one to pick so I did not buy. As for my skin, I also been trying to find a nice routine and I think I found it using the Red Rice Loccitane. This line is really good, my skin feels soft and clear. I just found out that it is my MAC foundation the responsible for my breakouts on the chin area so now I am on the look out for a new foundation. I have a Sephora gift card.. so if you or other person can give me some recs for a foundation I'll appreciated. I'm combo/oily skin ;-)

  2. Laura @ Sawan-Heaven Says:

    I use an eye cream so I can keep the skin hydrated. Plenty of sunblock and I try to stay out of the sun. When I run I try to stay towards the shade. I get dark so quickly and have managed to keep out of the sun for the most part.

    I also get light quickly, and the thought of skin cancer bothers me. My father has had cancerous growths on his skin several times which has really convinced me to stay out. Plus I see so many women who you can tell go tanning and for being in their thirties they already have white spots and the skin starts to get that leathery look.

    Not cute.

    So eye cream, sunblock and staying in the shade will help for preventing wrinkles. As for baggy eyes...lots and lots of water plus a good night rest will help with that.

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