May 18, 2010

This month has been amazing in terms of successful swaps on Makeup Alley for me. I also picked up some items I've been eying for a while so I thought I post them all here. If you'd like any swatches or have questions about any of the products, please do let me know.

1. Essie polishes in Splash of Grenadine (swatch is here), Turquoise and Caicos (see here for swatch) and Lapis of Luxury. I also had the fourth polish included with this collex but gave it away to a friend. Need to pick it up soon again. The formula on these is hit and miss but the colours are gorgeous!

2. I was so thrilled to find Zoya's Sparkle in a random hair salon here in Ottawa. Normally we don't get many of Zoya's LE stuff in Canada, just some some boring reds and pinks. I obviousely took the opportunity to grab Charla and Gilda. I love these shades in the bottle and can't wait to wear them!

3. I got most of these items via swaps. Nars Cordura duo is quickly becoming my HG. I'm sure you're alreday tired of me talking about it, lol! This brown duo is ideal for every day looks as well as smoldering night out looks. Nars Scorching Sun is the perfect summer duo. It has an "orange juice shade" side and nice shimmery tangerine side. Both sides are very smooth and heavily pigmented. I swapped for Nars Maldives as I always wanted to try the multiples and this "pink Champagne with shimmer" shade was the most appealing to me. It looks great on top of your fave bronzer or blush or even on the lips. The last item in this pic is Nars Risky Business l/g which I first got as a mini but loved it so much that went and bought a full size. Risky Business is the perfect MLBB gloss.

4. Nars Laguana bronzer is a long time makeup artists' fave and I finally gave in and purchased it. I wear bronzer on my cheeks from April all the way till mid September and thought this was a good staple to add to my stash. I will add a full review of this and some other fave bronzers later on.

5. I know, I know, I got another Chanel item! I honestly had a really rough three weeks at work and needed something to cheer me up so I grabbed the last Genial RA at my Chanel counter. This is the most gorgeous bright pinky coral shade. I know I will wear this a lot this summer. I wore this to work today and got so many compliments, still have to post that FOTD too, lol! Too many blog ideas and too little time!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you have any of these products let me how you like them.

2 Responses to "Collective May Haul + Swap"

  1. Halifax Says:

    Are the Zoyas from Trade Secrets? They are quite pricy there

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Halifax, no I got it from some random hair salon in Rideau Centre (Ottawa). My trade secret doesn't carry Zoya's :(

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