August 6, 2010

I have a confession to make: I'm officially a Nars addict! I don't seem to pass by their counter without buying at least one thing. I have definitely fallen off the MAC train but my addiction has now been transferred to Nars and then Chanel to some degrees.

I checked out Nars Fall 2010 collection last week at Murale and I was so in love with everything I had to fight hard and limit myself with one item. After about half an hour of swatching, I ended up with Rajasthan duo. This duo is one of the most gorgeous and pigmented in my current duo collection of 12. I instantly fell in love with both sides. One side is a light champagne brown and the other is a low shimmer dark peacock shade. They work incredibly well together and I can see this due becoming a staple of mine. I love Nars eyeshadows since they can be used dry and wet, hence they are amazing as liners and eyeshadows.

A picture of the casing. I love Nars packaging before it gets dusty (which happens quickly unfortunately):

A closeup of the duo:

I made some comparison swatches too. I have similar shades to the dark peacock but nothing quite like the lighter side:

Left to right: MAC All that Glitters e/s, MAC Style Snob e/s, MAC Blonde's Gold p/m, Nars Rajasthan duo

As you can see the Nars shade is not as gold as Blonde's Gold and less purple than Style Snob; it's like a happy medium.

Left to right: MAC Deep Blue Green p/m, MAC Plumage e/s, Nars Rajasthan duo

Rajasthan is different in texture from both of these as it's not as shimmer as Deep Blue Green and not matte like Plumage. I would say the shade is very similar to Deep Blue Green in person though, but swatches much better without requiring a blue or green base.

Hope this review was helpful. Rajasthan gets two thumbs up from me. Another winner product from Nars!

4 Responses to "Best of Nars Fall 2010 - Rajasthan Duo"

  1. prettyaspeaches Says:

    Thanks for the comparisson swatches. I'd been lemming this guy!

  2. Arezu Says:

    Wow those colours are BEAUTIFUL together. Can't wait to see a look!

  3. Nepenthe Says:

    Every time I see NARS, I think of you.. LOL I'm always hesitant to pick up new things, because it's definitely a luxury item.

    This looks gorgeous though, very staple colours. :]

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Prettyaspeaches - np, I def recommend this :)

    Arezu - Def have a look. It's ideal for fall and both shades are so pigmented.

    Nepenthe - lol! I guess ppl know my weakness. I think their products are worth it. And you get more than your money's worth with their eyeshadows and blush (u pay less per gram than MAC)

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