August 8, 2010

Happy Sunday! I still haven't cleaned around here and am quite annoyed with my lazy self. I shall get to it soon but in the meanwhile, I wanted to show you this:


I picked up Misty Mauve quint which was just released with Dior's Fall 2010 collection. I have a soft spot for anything with the word "mauve" in it and always wanted a Dior quint, so I picked it up. Most Dior quints I've seen in the past offered iridescent and shimmery shades only. I love that this one hs a combination of shimmer, satiny and matte shades.

The middle shade is a deep redtoned purple with tiny glitters. It swatches like a dark eggplant though. Then there's a matte purple toned taupe that's one of the prettiest "fall" shades I've seen. Next we have a shimmery dusty lavender that is similar to MAC's Illegal Cargo (LE - Naughty Nautical). Then we have a shimmery iced white and a shimmery light lilac. All shades swatched with ease and are very pigmented with the exception of the white that is a little on the chalky side.

Dior Quints are $58 and you get 7g of products. They are on the expensive side and I find that the pigmentation is hit and miss with them. I do love Misty mauve though as all shades are decently pigmented and are shades I would wear. Mauve shades tend to bring out the gold in hazel eyes which I love.

Here are some swatches of the quad:

Have you guys bought anything from Dior fall? What is your favourite Dior quint?

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