August 30, 2010

Hubby and I spent the weekend with some friends of ours partying on a pontoon at a beautiful and peaceful lake two hours outside of Ottawa. We had also rented a couple of cottages to spend the night. We had an amazing time as it was a beautiful and sunny Saturday. We explored the lake, swam in the water, drank rum mixers on board and had an amazing buffet of Jamaican jerk chicken and grilled potatoes. Us girls also did some sun tanning (and unfortunately I burnt more than tanned, lol).

We got back to the cottage at night and did some BBQ'ing, drank wine and chatted till late into the night. Overall we had an amazing time and since there isn't much left of summer, it feels even better to have escaped one last time before fall.

Thought I share some pics with you guys. Hope you all had an amazing weekend :)

View from our cottage balcony at 7 am

Exploring little islands on the lake

This is when the guys were driving the boat super fast, it was awesome!

Group shot

yours truly!

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