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August 2, 2010

Hey everyone! I just got back from a 4-day trip in TO and am pretty exhausted but thought I make at least one blog post. We had a blast in TO, though we do go quite often, this time we had more time so we got to see more friends in addition of going to Caribana. I also did quite bit of shopping, including a Zoya haul. I don't have easy access to Zoya here in Ottawa so I usually pick some up in TO.

Here's what I got:

zoya haul
Left to right: Stacy, Edyta and Casey - the first two are from Fall 2010 collection and the last one I'd wanted for ages and finally got! I love vampy nails!

Left to right: Gwin and Joy - these are not super unique but very pretty summer shades. I couldn't resist.

I will have swatches of these in the coming weeks starting with Gwin which I'm wearing right now.

Do you guys own any of these polishes? What's your general opinion of Zoya?

8 Responses to "Zoya Haul"

  1. swatchcat Says:

    Zoya totally rocks my world. I have so many Zoya polishes I need to make a list so that I don't accidentally duplicate! I'm hoping they'll do their buy one, get one online sale soon...I need more polishes!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Karin - u're so lucky, they'r hard to come by in Canada and their site doesn't ship to Canada. I really wanna get some more as I think the colours are gorge and the quality is good

  3. ~Lisa Says:

    I like Casey and Joy. However, where I live (canada) there's a limited selection of colours.


  4. Kelly Says:

    Wow, those are all beautiful. I especially love the Stacy color.. I gotta try Zoya sometime!!

  5. Amira Says:

    Lucky you! We don't have any Zoya in France!

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Lisa - I know! I really wish I could get my hands on them easier

    Kelly - Stacy will be fab in fall. You should try Zoya they wear really well on me :)

    Amira - I wish they'd ship internationally at least. They don't even ship to Canada and we're across the border :/

  7. Amira Says:

    I know... that sucks! They should ship to Canada, come on!

    I really wanted to try some of their nailpolishes and the nailpolish remover everyone is raving about... boooo Zoya!

  8. swatchcat Says:

    Well, if you ever need help getting your paws on some Zoya, I can be of assistance. ;) I can usually ship a couple to a few bottles of nail polish without the post office batting an eye.

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