August 5, 2010

Did you guys notice that I didn't do a blog post last week? I totally forgot to do it the night before (I always make my posts at night and schedule them) and remembered it two days ago, lol! This is how busy my life is these days, I even forgot my weekly poll :( Anyway, we have it for today though!

Ottawa has been super humid since the first week of July and I find wearing makeup to be kind of a chore for me in this climate. I have a few bottles of "summer" foundation laying around: my "dark" version of Nars sheer glow (Medium 1), my Annabelle powder foundation and my MUFE F&B (#32). I wear them all in rotation but my most used one is definitely MUFE F&B. I find that though I like the coverage of sheer glow and the ease of my Annabelle foundation, MUFE's sheer and water based formula just feels best in the humid condition. This is as close to tinted moisturizer as you can get. I think my skin just likes water based and light formulas better in the summer.

What is your go-to formula for summer foundation? Do you tend to skip foundation when it's too hot and humid? Please share in comments.

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