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August 3, 2010

I know I'm late with my faves yet again but better late than never. I did not have the best day back at work as I hardly slept last night and then had a super early meeting today. I also had to deal with a super cranky contractor who was trying to run the meeting for me, arghhhh! But at least I get to have lunch at home before I head back to the office.

Here are the products that made it to July's list of favourites:

1. Evian Facial Spray: I refrigirate this at home and take it with me whenever I leave the house. I love how it gives super fine splash of chilled water without disturbing my makeup. This spray is a definite must have for me during the heating season.

2. Moroccanoil Oil Treatment: I treat my hair with about a half tablespoon of this oil after each wash and my hair smells amazing, gets very soft and touchable and hold its natural texture until the next wash as a result. I'm a huge fan of Moroccanoil products in general and this is their best product yet.

3. MUFE Aqua Cream Liner #5 - This pot of creamy liner is supposed to be for cheeks and lips but I mainly use it as base for warm toned eyeshadows. I find that it emphasizes the peachy tones in my eyeshadows. I have a full review and swatch of this product here.

4. Color Club Pink Rush n/p - I love my neon nailpolishes in the summer and Color Club is my favourite brand when it comes to this finish. I have quite few of their neon shades but Pink Rush is my hands down favourite. I wear this shade at least once a week these days. Click here to see swatches of this amazing fuchsia red neon polish.

5. Nars Roman Holiday l/s - I love this baby pink shade! It has definite cool undertones to it and is just perfection on my skintone! I love it even more with my summer tan as I feel it stands out even more. This is the only lipsticks I took with me to TO and I think it would be one of the few lip products I will run out of, lol! See here for full review and swatches.

Do you own any of these products? What were the products that made it to your top 5 July products?

5 Responses to "July Favourites"

  1. swatchcat Says:

    I really must try that Moroccanoil. My needs some serious TLC. I had Roman Holiday l/s (bought it because I love the movie), but it looked awful on me. The Roman Holiday Velvet Matte Lip Pencil looks great on me, though. :D

  2. Amina Says:

    I have that aqua cream!!! by the way Jolie poupee has always been on my wishlist and you're wearing it so beautifully!
    I also got that MUFE aqua pink lip that you were blogging about..goorgeous

  3. ~Lisa Says:

    I want to try the Evian face spray...even though I know that it's overpriced water in a spray can..LOL


  4. Kelly Says:

    I NEED to try the Moroccan oil! Also, I've been wanting to try the Evian mist, glad you like it.

    Where did you purchase the Moroccanoil?

  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Karin - Oh, I didn't know there was a pencil too, I must have a look :P Moroccanoil is awesome!

    Amina - aww, I'm glad my rec's are working out for you. I have tones more MUFE liner on my listg to pick. I'll get to them eventually.

    Lisa - I got mine from Winners so it was cheaper; I got it for $6.

    Kelly - I got mine from Trade Secret. I gotg the hair mask as well which I use only once a week. I wanna try their shampoo/conditioner next :)

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