December 14, 2010

Hey guys! Lovely Nora over at The Dollymix Diaries has tagged me on 8 Things about me. Give her blog some love; it's a new blog but already one of my faves, full of great makeup tips :)

8 TV shows I watch
- Dexter
- Amazing Race
- True Blood
- that's it sorry, not a big TV fan in general!

8 favourite places to eat
I'll start by saying I'm not too big on chain restaurants. I like unique whole in the walls :D
- Chez Lucient (French bistro)
- Aloha (Mexican goodness)
- Jadeland (Chinese)
- Tehran (Persian food in Montreal)
- 18 (upscale fusion)
- Sushi Kan (sushi)
- Ceylonta (Sri-Lankan food)
- Forno Antico (wood-burning pizza)

8 things I look forward to
- My damn Professional Engineering certificate! Man our organization is slow!
- Skiing season (already there, lol)
- Me and my friend's joint NYE party, woohoo!
- My 30th b-day (not until Feb 2012, another year and half or so)
- Losing those last 5 lbs
- My lasik eye surgery (also scared of this)
- Getting my hair dyed again, getting bored now!
- Spring!

8 Things that happened yesterday...
- I slept in, yey!
- I bought two pairs of hot stilettos
- Did grocery shopping :/
- Watched 2 movies, was a lazy day!
- Talked to my mom
- "Attempted" to organize the music on my iPhone
- Painted my nails a shimmery black
- I'm pretty sure that's all i did, lol!

Things I love about winter
- not getting heat rashes, yey!
- winter clothing
- skiing
- spicy hot chocolate
- our fire place
- snow
- watching snow fall
- That's about it! Winter is too long where I live!

Things on my wishlist
- Clarisonic
- new hot rollers
- a few Chanel lipsticks
- a "non-old" looking velvet blazer
- Giorgio Armani's She perfume
- white pointy boots, I don't care that they're not "in" this year!
- Nars Sheer Glow foundation in a lighter shade, Punjab is now too dark!
- While I'm at it, if someone were to get me all Nars lipsticks, blushes and duo shadows it'd be fab!

Things I'm passionate about

- family
- friends
- fitness and health
- cooking
- learning something new everyday
- my job
- makeup
- traveling

Words or phrases I use a lot

- say...
- ummm..
- sorry (ughhh I'm such a damn ppl pleaser)
- frig!!
- u know what?
- the f word unfortunately! especially if I'm excited or have been drinking!
- sure
- geez....

Things I've learned from the past
- live in the present, don't jump to the future
- don't try to fix what's not broken
- if you're in a bad mood, just keep your mouth shut!
- try and be a little more politically correct (so hard to do for me)
- stop procrastinating!
- answer the email right away (see above)
- you'll be over it by tomorrow, now go to sleep!
- if boss looks quiet and moody, don't go to his office with cute stories :/

8 Places I would love to visit
- Spain
- Chile
- Peru
- Argentina (as you can see, I have a fascination with South America)
- Sweden
- Kenya
- Fiji
- Cambodia

Things I want or need
- World Peace (I kid you not, this is actually my biggest wish)
- being able to mend some relationships
- More money!! you can never have enough!
- I "need" less makeup but I "want" to buy more!
- some cheesecake would be lovely right about now!
- for snow to shovel itself!
- being able to sleep at least till 8 am everyday
- being more patient!

8 Bloggers I'm tagging!
- Revenoir
- The Fancy Face
- A Little Purple Folie
- Glitter Geek
- Kim Porter
- My Fit Beauty
- So very Fabulous!
- Swatchcat

5 Responses to "Getting to Know Me Tag"

  1. The Dollymix Diaries Says:

    Interesting post! I love reading those kind of tags :) Thanks for the shout out! I love your blog too! xx

  2. Amina Says:

    I loove this post!! No need to lose weight, you look amazing!!

  3. Amina Says:

    I also want world peace!

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks guys, this was actually fun :) I learned some stuff about myself :D

  5. Shayla Says:

    Just saw myself tagged...will get on this when I can! Thanks ;)

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