December 6, 2010

Hubby and I attended his company Christmas party Saturday night as the first of many holiday parties this year. So the look you see here I wore to an actual event instead of the previous three which I wore to work, lol! Silver smokey eyes are my favourite way of going dramatic (that and purple smokey) and to make it a bit different I paired the eyes with berry lips. Added bonus that the lips also matched my dress! As you can see, my Urban Decay is getting quite bit of love since I got it. One of my best purchases of the year, that's for sure.

Cover FX primer
Lise Watier Portfolio - Light
MUFE HD - 118 (Flesh)
Ben Nye powder
Chanel Plum Attraction

UDPP - base for crease and above
Black GPS - base for lid
Silverthorn e/s - inner lid
UD Gunmetal e/s - mid lid
UD Creep e/s - outer lid
Smoke n Diamonds e/s - crease
UD Virgin e/s - highlight
Nars Pandora duo - white shade on tearduct
Lise Watier Smokey kohl in Black - waterline
Lancome Hypnose mascara

Inglot #866 l/l
Lancome French Touch l/s



This is my go-to easy glam hairstyle. You pretty much make a low side poney except more of a hair loop. Then you take the loop, divide the hair behind the poney (closer to your head) in half, and pass the hair loop from one side to the other. I just pinned up some random sections and sprayed with hair spray, voila! It takes like 2 minutes to do:

And a picture of my burgundy dress. I think I've featured this in my blog before, but prob over a year ago:

And finally a pic of me and hubby after the party on our way out of the Casino/Hilton:

6 Responses to "Smokey Silver Eyes - Holiday Look #4"

  1. Joann Says:

    You look gorgeous in these pics - love the outfit!


  2. Amina Says: look amaazing! Your posts inspire to find my inner feminine side. I love the outfits. I haven't been commenting much lately with school work piling up but I still look forward to seeing your FOTD everyday. One of my favorites was the one about the party in Montreal, where you wore rebel and the one where you wear heat wave..omg..that lippie is such a beautiful red on you.
    Have you ever thought of showing us your makeup collection? I know some don't like to (like myself) so it is okay if you don't do it.
    I am looking forward to your December favorites

    I also enjoyed the november questionnaire

  3. Tina Says:

    Oh this looks so good on you. I love how you did your hair. Man I wish I could pull my hair together like that.

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Joann - thanks sweetie, this is one of my fave dresses!

    Amina - awww, thank you :) it's always good to be girlie. I don't know many other ways to dress! I did a collection post a while ago (maybe 2 years?)but I can do an updated one I suppose. I'll work on it during the holidays.

    Tina - Thanks love! The hair is soooo easy! u just need an elastic and some pins. I need to learn more styles though, lol!

  5. Amina Says:

    sweet..I am looking forward to the collection post and I will dig in your archives to admire the collection pics that you posted. Will you believe me if I tell you that I don't owe a skirt nor a
    enjoy the rest of the week

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Amina - OMG really? I'm the opposite, I have a lot more skirts and dresses than pants. I just feel better in more feminin clothing

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