December 16, 2010

Happy Thursday beauties and welcome to another edition of the Tried and True Series! Today we have one of my oldest faves in the MAC perm line, Pink Nouveau lipstick.

I love lipsticks, you all know that! I like red lips, dark vampy lips, neon lips and nude lips. But my first love will always be the greatest blue toned pink lipstick of all, Pink Nouveau. Pink Nouveau is one of those hidden gems in MAC permanent lines that I don't see recognized quite as much as it should be. It's a satin finish which is one of my fave finishes as it's opaque yet not as drying as MAC's matte lipsticks. Pink Nouveau actually is one of the better satins and feel quite creamy on the lips. The shade itself is barbie pink perfection! I often skip a lip liner when I wear this as the colour is so gorgeous I don't want liners to take away from it.

Pink Nouveau works great on my NW25 skintone, it brightens up my complexion without looking either too subtle or too neon. I can also imagine it working on a variety of skintones. I get 5-6 hours of wear with this easily! If MAC ever discontinues this, I'll run and get 3 more :D Seriously, I've had this baby for years and now have a few near dupes but none as great as the original!

Some pics for you guys:

swatch on NW25 skintone

lip swatch sans lip liner, pigmented lips

Do you guys have Pink Nouveau? What is your favourite Barbie pink lipstick?

7 Responses to "Tried and True - MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick"

  1. Eva JJ Says:

    yup, i have this color, its a classic shade of pink! love it!

  2. Hershley's Sweet Kiss Says:

    i love that color! i always thought that barbie pink would look crazy on me but i was proved wrong when i got my hands on the MAC Pink Friday. I think i want to get MAC Chatterbox next.p

  3. Hardcore Makeup Junkie Says:

    I love Pink Nouveau! :)



  4. The Dollymix Diaries Says:

    I love Pink Nouveau it was one of my first MAC lipsticks :)

  5. Shayla Says:

    Am I mistaken, or is there a bit of shimmer to Pink Nouveau?

    PS - Word captcha is totally Wario, lol.

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Eva JJ - It's truly a classi!

    Hershley's - Chatterbox is the only pink I cannot wear :/ i think it's the yellow base in it. If you have more yellow to your skin, you will have better luck than me :)

    Makeup Junkie - Me too :D

    Nora - it was mine of too! I got GAT and Blankety first and then went back for Pink Nouveau and Snob. All four still my faves :)

    Shayla - it looks that way in pic. But IRL there's no shimmer, it's just creamy :)

  7. mineral lipstick Says:

    The lipcolor is simply stunning, I can't imagine myself having that lipstick:) I'm looking forward to use that color with my mineral lipstick.

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