9:37 AM

December 11, 2010

Hey guys! I'm a little hagover today due to long hours of partying last night but thought I make at least one weekend blog post. This one is my newest favourite nail polish Zoya Crystal. I picked two of the Fire and Ice polishes and Crystal was the first one that caught my eyes. Crystal is a light blue with gold shimmer. The shimmer is fine and pretty evenly distributed. I find the polish almost looks teal/gold in some light settings. Either way a GORGEOUS colour!

I did two layers for this NOTD. Application was a breeze!


2 Responses to "Zoya Crystal"

  1. Jennifer Leigh Says:

    I love this polish so much... Still haven't picked it up though.

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I love it too, it;s a complex shade :)

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