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The lovely xinarox made a post with 10 random facts about herself and tagged everyone reading the post. So I decided to do it for the heck of it.

1. I'm the only non politically correct Canadian person I've ever met. I tend to speak my mind, I'm not rude or anything, but I don't change my position to please ppl. It seems to annoy some folks but some others love me for it, lol!

2. I have a weird obsession with Herge and the Tintin series. Don't laugh, it's the francophone kid inside of me. I read all the series as a kid in French and have many of the original albums. I still read them when I'm down, they make me laugh even after so many years. I now have some of the albums in English, but the French ones are soooo much better. Nothing beats the original stuff.

3. I'm really scared of birds. The thought of one being even remotedly close to me scares the hell out of me. My fear is so bad that I can't even hold a plastic bird in my hands. It's really weird, but I just don't like them. They have beady eyes and a beak, plus they can jump on your hair. That makes them scary :/

4. I'm a full blooded Persian girl. I'm very protective of my heritage and my homeland. I spend a long time trying to educate misinformed ppl about it. I find it very sad that people don't know much about the origin of the Persians and our contribution to history of mankind (modern medicine, discovery of industrial alcohol, Algebra to name a few). I get super annoyed when ppl think we wear burkas, are religious fanatics (far from it) or Iran country is made of sand only (ummm, Iran not equal Saudi Arabia). I love Canada and proud to be a Canadian as well, but the Persian history is very fascinating and we've been around as long as the Egyptians have.

5. On that topic, I get mistaked for every ethnicity out there but Persian, lol! I've been mistaken for Lebanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Israleli, even random things like Columbian and Argentinian. The list goes on, pretty much any ethnicity under the sun besides black or Asian! I find the guessing game quite funny.

6. I have a semi fear of height. I say "semi" because I love hiking and have done it many times. On the other hand, I'm extremely scared of going down the stairs. I also don't like balconis and avoid them. I used to scream on top of my lungs as a kid when my cousins would bend on a balcony to look down (mostly to bug me). To this day I still go downstair reaaaaally slowly, I take elevators when the option is there.

7. I'm super friendly and warm up very easily to pretty much everyone I meet. Because of this I have many aquintances. I do not get very close to ppl easily though and maintain a distance. There are only 3 ppl I consider close friends.

8. On the same personality facts, I'm also not very romantic or sentimental. I'm not good at treasuring gifts/cards. I feel like I'm even less romantic than most guys I meet, my husband included, lol! I was super shocked when he proposed to me on our third anniversary, I thought it was too early, haha! I let him recount the story when ppl ask. I cannot stand it when ppl go "awwww". That drives me up the walls!

9. I'm not a very sporty person but I heart soccer. Not playing just watching it. I started watching soccer games with my uncles when I was about 6. I love the Italian Serie A and for national teams I cheer fhor Italy, Argentina and Holland. I'm sad that not most ppl care about soccer in North America :(

10. I'm very liberal and the furthest away from being religious possible. I'm all about facts and proofs, I did engineering you know :) I tend to stay away from political and religieous topics as I know some ppl can be offended, luckily doesn't happen too often here in Ottawa. Most of ppl I know have very similar point of views to myself.

Ok, now that I'm done, I'm gonna go ahead and tag the following ppl. Do it guys!

Polish Pixie

Looking forward to reading everyones random facts!

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  1. Shayla Says:

    This is definitely interesting :) I'll have to do it...just when I have time, haha.

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I can't wait to read yours :)

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