Sorry for the lack of posts these couple of days. I was on site inspection all day Thursday and Friday so I never got a chance to get to a computer. I'm back now with a post about my new nail polish organization solution.

I got these boxes from Home Sense for a steal. As you can see the top box has compartments, exactly like the box I use to organize my lipsticks except the compartments are much bigger. I use the top box to store my "summer/spring" colours by category. I have blues/teals, copper/orange/yellow, reds. pinks, nudes,... I have my darker and more cold weather nail polishes stored in the box below. This has made life so much easier for me. It takes me way less time to select my colour. So overall time saved, as I change my nail polish every second day and sometimes every day.

Here's some pics:



5 Responses to "Nail Polish Organization"

  1. Hannah Says:

    hmmm home sense you say??!! I need some nail polish organization, I will see what I can find!! :D

    btw how do you organize your palettes? I'm thinking of putting my mac 15 pan ones in a shorted dvd rack so they lay horizontally. Then figure out some kind of labeling for ease of access.

    wip as always!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Hannah! So nice to see you here! I didn't know you had a blog, I will start stalking you :)

    Home Sense is awesome, they had these different size boxes in many different colours. Do check it out.

    I put all my MU in my vanity drawers in these plastic organizing thingies I got from IKEA, my palettes included. I made a post about it a while ago here:

    HTH :)

  3. Shayla Says:

    You're so polishes are all stuck in the bottom drawer of a desk now. I'm going to have to make a post about my new makeup organization once I have all the kinks ironed out... :D

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shalya, I love looking at ppl's storage. I will stalk your blog for the post. Did you fix the commenting glitch in your blog btw?

  5. Shayla Says:

    The glitch is fixed, but I didn't do anything to fix it. Maybe Google/Blogger realized their mess up and fixed it on their own...

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