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I was inspired by the Nars Rated R eyeshadow duo when I created this look (using MAC, lol!). Of course I got carried away and added many more colours, lol! I love the new Star Flash eyeshadows, they apply so well and blend like a dream. I was pleased with this look though it looks a little much for work. I don't care! haha!

Same as usual
Cantaloupe blush

Painterly p/p - base
Golden Lemon p/m - with mm as base for lid
Rated R e/s - inner 1/3 lid
Bright Future e/s - mid 1/3 lid
Clarity e/s - outer 1/3 lid
Deep Blue Green p/m - crease and blended up
Creme de Miel e/s - highlight
Gorgeous Gold e/s - inner crease
UD Covet 24/7 - lower lashline
Lise Watier Marin e/s - upper lashline

Honeylove l/s
Soft and Slow l/g





4 Responses to "Rated R"

  1. Shayla Says:

    It disturbs me slightly that you and I did almost the same look today! Aren't we just oddly connected?!? Lol.

    Great look :) I <3 me some Rated R. It's like Bitter, but better!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I know, we def have a connection. Plz tell me you're not wearing blue nail polish! That would be kinda creepy, hehe.

    I don't have Bitter but I hear Rated R has better texture. I'm glad I never got Bitter

  3. Shayla Says:

    Nope, still wearing the sparkly pink stuff that you said you liked. I'm being lazy and not changing it till I absolutely have to.

    And I like Bitter for certain looks...it looks great with Club. So I'm glad I have both, cause I have a matte-ish one and now a shimmery/velvet one.

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I need to get Club, I can't believe I don't have that one yet!

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