October 2, 2011

Hey lovelies! I'm back from my vacation and the first thing I did was to go through the many MANY pics we took. I have to say though I had visited Italy (Rome only) as a child of 11, it does not compare to seeing this beautiful country as an adult. I doubt any other land will ever top this experience for me. We stayed in Rome, Florence and Venice and did a tone of sight seeing (average of 12 hour walking per day), dining, wining, shopping. If you are a fan of renaissance art, gorgeous sculptures, top notch wine and pasta, super stylish clothing, sunshine, animated people and last but not least gelato Italy is the place to go :D

I came back refreshed and my mind full of so many beautiful pictures and memories. Here are my top 10 Italy moments in no particular order:

1. Having a gelato per day. My fave flavours were melon, pistachio and amaretto
2. Seeing Duomo and St Giavani in Florence for the first time. My mouth was literally hanging open
3. Standing in front of the statue of Michelangelo's David at Musei dell'Opera. I actually bowed to the master that is Michelangelo.
4. Getting out of the train station in Venice and seeing the Grand Canal with gondola's, taxi boats and Vaporetta''s (bus boats) floating about
5. Strolling on Ponte Saint Angelo with hubby at night. This is the most romantic bridge in Rome, especially gorgeous at dusk or dawn.
6. This is gonna sound cliche, but the expensive Gondola ride in venice was totally worth it. Seeing all the side waterways was serene!
7. The Coloseum was was one of the few sights I remembered from my last trip but it still didn't fail to amaze me. It's giant and it will take your breath away
8. Seeing the tomb of Galileo in Santa Croce in Florence made the hair on my body stand straight. What a genius, born sadly in the most terrible time for science.
9. Basilica di San Marco in Venice is the most beautiful church I've seen in my life. My neck was hurting from staring at the beautiful ceilings. I'm an agnostic but I know a beautiful church when I see one :)
10. Uffizi museum in Florence with works of the best of the Renaissance artist. Every painting and sculpture will leave you in awe.

Anyway, onto some of the pictures I selected for this post. Believe me, this wasn't easy, hahaha! And this is still a picture heavy post!

me looking at the Coleseum ruins in Rome

Standing in the main street of Roman Forums

Inside San Pietro's Basilica at the Vatican. Behind me is St Peter's tomb

Having my first Gelato of the trip in Rome....first of many

Enjoying my huge thin crust pizza at La Motecarlo in Rome

Standing in front of Duomo in Florence

Random sight street in Florence, I fell in love with this city

Enjoying my truffle and mascarpone filled ravioli in the Florence Market...best meal ever!

Hubs in front of Galileo's tomb

Inside Duomo, most beautiful neo gothic church evah!

View of Plazza Ducale from top of San Marco church in Venice

Enjoying another gelato in Venice, no matter where you stop you have a great view

The beautiful ponte Rialto in Venice by night, this is Venice' oldest bridge and the liveliest neighbourhood

Hubby and I on our Gondola about to tour Venice the touristy way, haha

Best view of the Grand Canal from a Gondola

Salute church in Venice, what amazing architecture

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Will get back to makeup post promptly ;)

7 Responses to "Italy Trip Summary - Picture Heavy"

  1. Sue Says:

    Loooks like you had a great time! I from Spain today as well.. now here I am back in the internet world lol.. I need to post my pics as well :)

  2. Jennifer Leigh Says:

    Nice photos! You look beautiful in all of them. Seems like you guys had a great time :)

  3. sugarbumpkin Says:

    looks so beautiful!

  4. Arianne Says:

    Ahh you look like you had such a great time! I love your outfits in the post, too. So girly!

    Welcome back. :D

  5. Cydonian Says:

    Glad you had a good time! Your pics look great. I want to go to Italy sometime! Hopefully soon.

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Sue - thanks hun, it was a fabulous trip. Can't wait to see ur pics too :)

    Jennifer - thanks sweetie, it was a trip of a lifetime

    Sugarbumpkin - thanks, Italy is an amazing place!

    Arianne - heheh, thanks love, i love my girlie things ;)

    Cydonian - thank u, I def recommend this country. I will go back again at some point :)

  7. Amira Says:

    Hi Saadeh!

    Long time no talk!

    Glad to see you're okay! That looks like a very nice trip! Next time you'll have to come to Paris and say hi!


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