August 19, 2010

Happy Thursday dear readers! For today's poll, I thought of a question I often ask myself when I get ready, either my everyday makeup or my more "special occasion" face.

When you do your makeup, do you have a preference for bold lips or bold eyes? I notice that I do one or the other and sometimes both. I don't see anything wrong with going bold overall; though I must admit I have never done a bold look AND added bold blush. That's something I should try at some point. Most people tell me I can do bold looks overall but they prefer me with natural look or with red lipstick. I still experiment though, I would be bored with one or another. I do stick with red lipstick when I'm in doubt but want to look great.

here's a picture of me with bold smokey purple eyes:

another one with bold (in this case red) lips:

one where I did both:

and here's a more natural and glowy look:

When going bold, do you prefer bold lips, bold eyes or bold cheeks? Do you break the "rule" and do all of them at the same time? Do you mostly stay away from bolder looks? Which type of look do you think I look best in? Please share your answers in comments :)

7 Responses to "Thursday poll - Bold Eyes or Bold Lips?"

  1. Michelle @Lipstickrules Says:

    I'm all about bold lips! :-)

  2. Arezu Says:

    I think it really depends on my mood!

    Sometimes I'm all about playing around with my eyes and most of the time my eye makeup ends up looking bold.

    But I love the simplicity and impact of bold lips! Whether its a classic red lip or a fun hot pink.

    I've never tried both though!

  3. Amina Says:

    You look great in all 4 looks.
    Since I am the queen of neutrals, if I go bold, I go bold only on the eyes or only on the lips...

  4. Unknown Says:

    I'm a bold eyes kinda girl of course! :)

    I really love the cat eye and red lips on you thought. It's hot and sexy!!!

  5. Amy Says:

    I usually go w/ one or the other, unless I'm going out and want to pull out all the stops. You really do look great in all 3 variations.

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Michelle - U look hot wearing bold lips ;)

    Arezu - I agree, bold lips is the easiest route to a glamorous look.

    Amina - thanks :) one of these days, u should try both. I think u can easily carry the look.

    Tina - Thanks :) red lips is my no-fuss look weirdly enough. You are the queen of bold eyes!

    Amy - I think I saw an FOTD of u with all around bold and u looked ghorgeous! you have the bone structure and face to pull off bolder makeup :)

  7. MariaKristela Says:

    The natural look suits you best. :)

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