May 4, 2011

....and I'm not sure if I like it or not. I did get a few compliments on this design but I think I need more practice. As I mentioned in my blog before, I'm an avid nail polish fan/collector. I basically cannot go a day without painting my nails. It's part of my daily "me" time. However, I'm no good when it comes to nail art. Probably because I haven't tried hard enough. This is what I did on the weekend:

nail art

First I painted one half of each nail in white (I used Color Club Oohhhh La La). Then I painted the other half in bright pink (used OPI Strawberry Margueritta). I let the whole thing air dry then I used one of those Sally Hansen thin brush polishes in shade black to draw the line in the middle.

Do you guys do design on your nails? Can you point me to some of your fave nail art YouTube tutorials?

4 Responses to "So I Tried Nail Art..."

  1. Unknown Says:

    I think it's great for your first try. I like watching sayanythingbrooke on youtube. Usually I just think of something and try it, if it doesn't work I just take it off. Mostly, I do one hand before the other so I don't waste polish, and if I don't like it on one finger I take it off that one finger and try again.

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thank u for the rec, I'll def check her out :) I really want to try fun styles and I'm mostly interested in free-handing technics

  3. Shayla Says:

    I play around with nail art all the time. Sometimes it turns out okay, sometimes it doesn't. I find that using Konad as opposed to free-handing gives me more confidence, but still the ability to create some unique designs. A combination of Konad and freehand is fun, too...or start with nail decals and/or rhinestones!

    If you want to know where to get some Konad or wicked-cheap nail art stuff, let me know...I have a list of stores in my arsenal ;)

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shayla - i'm usually too lazy for it but i try once in a blue moon. I really wanna do free handing though...that way it feels more like art toe me :)

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