I got to see the Hello Kitty Collection yesterday at the event at my local freestanding store. The store was quite packed and I guess that probably kinda turned me off as it was way too hot to breath let alone check out the collection. On top of all that, the mechanical engineer in me couldn't help but wondering if the store had proper ventilation and whether they had ignored the codes by having all these ppl there! haha, I know, I'm a nerd!

Anyway, I went to the store with a gift card to spend on the collection but ended up only spending $53 CAD on it. I mean, I already knew I was gonna pass on:

e/s quad: these days I'm way too picky about eyeshadow colours. I have way too many so the colours have to be outstanding and the texture amazing for me to be interested and these weren't.

Beauty Powders:
I have way too many highlighting products. Also I had seen some swatches of these and they didn't look unique at all.

Nail Polishes: not a MAC polish fan.

Pigments: all colours are either pro, repromotes or aren't unique.

That being said, I had very high hopes for the lip products and I was disappointed. All the lipsticks are either glaze, lustre or frosts and I'm not a fan of these textures so I was mainly looking for unique colours. The only unique ones (well at least to me) were Fashion Mews and Big Bow. I swatched Fashion Mews and loved the colour on me but then I also swatched Lavender Whip and found LW to be much more purple and pigmented so I skipped Fashion Mews. I did pick Big Bow as I think it will be amazing layered or on its own as sheer bright pink. I also got Fast Friends l/g as it has purples in it. I liked a few more lipglasses but I'm ususlly all about lipsticks so I wanted to spend my money on something I know I will use. I picked up Popster TLC as well as I don't own any and always wanted to try them so I thought I get one with special packaging.

During my time at the event, I was very much distracted by the Creme Team collection. My store didn't actually have Creme Team for sale yet but as I frequent the store a lot I got to see the products and swatch them on my lips. I fell in love with Cream Cup and Lavender Whip. I'm a total sucker for very cool pinks and was looking for a lavender lipstick forever and this fits the bill. It's very flattering on my skintone and I know I will wear it a lot. I also loved Cream Cup as it's very pretty pink nude. I will be going back tomorrow to get the Creme Team goodies and then post swatches of my colllective haul!

3 Responses to "Hello Kitty Disapointment"

  1. Pixie Says:

    My boy friend and I are engineers too. It leads to really lame and nerdy conversations as times lol.

    What a shame about HK. I was sort of excited about it. :(

    Did you have time to check out the brushes? I'd love another 187 and 239, but I heard they were crappy like the christmas sets. I love my 2007 christmas brushes, but the 2008 ones were scratchy.

  2. Shayla Says:

    It's too bad the lip products let you down :( I got four, myself, two of which were glosses since I've started to enjoy layering them with lipsticks.

    Glad you got to swatch Cremeteam, but they wouldn't let you buy? :( Pooey...at least you only have to wait a couple days :)

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Pixie, my husband is also an engineer, so when I told him the story he didn't think I was being weird! I didn't get to see the brushes, mainly coz I've heard bad things about brush sets.

    Shayla, I know! I need my Creamsheens now! I'm going today to spend the rest of my b-day gift card ;)

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