I just received the result of my professional practice exam that I wrote back in December and I passed!!!! This is an exam engineers have to pass in the province of Ontario to be able to obtain their professional license. This exam, 4 years of experience and the engineering degree are all the requirments for getting licenced. I have one more year of experience left but I can hardly wait now.

After I got my result, I went to MAC and treated myself to a full size Deep Blue Green pigment (I have a sample from last year and I'm almost out). So i thought I take the opportunity and post my collective haul for the month of February.

from Hello Kitty - left to right: Deep Blue Green p/m, Popster TLC, Big Bow l/s, She Loves Candy l/g

from Cream Team - left to right: Laveneder Whip l/s, Cream Cup l/s

from the perm line - left to right: Nymphette l/g, Greenstroke p/p

3 Responses to "I passed my exam!"

  1. Shayla Says:

    Yay! Congrats on passing the exam, and congrats on the haul!

  2. Shining*Sttar Says:

    Congrats on passing your exam!!!! Definately a great accomplishment for you!!!
    And nice haul!!

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thanks girle <3

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