December 24, 2009

It's almost Christmas! And I'm at work! But I guess it's ok as I'm leaving in a couple of hours and we're going to lunch with my team.

I thought I take the time and squeeze in my weekly Thursday Poll. This week the poll is about eyeliners and which type do you prefer and use on a daily basis. I started lining my eyes when I was 14 using a black liquid liner. Since I started with liquid, I was able to learn and experiment with lining and now I can do both my eyes in less than 2 minutes. These days, I personally use pencil, gel and also eyeshadow as eyeliner depending on my mood or the specific look I'm going for.

I love gel liners for more precise lining, including cat liner, double liner or Arabic style lining. I have gel liners from different brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and Stila and I love them all equally. I also make my own gel liner by adding a gel mixing medium (I use MAC) to any coloured pigments. I love Teal, Deep Blue Green, Blue Brown and Platinum pigments for this. I would say gel liner is probably my favourite type of eyeliner.

I also use pencil liners quite frequently. I love a pop of colouful bright pencil on the lower lashline and adore kohl pencil liners for a smodgy look. I also use them to cut and blend in cut crease looks. Furthermore, pencil liners are great for when you're rushing. I own and use pencil liners from Lise Watier, Urban Decay, MAC, Annabelle and Gosh. I really want to try some MUFE Aqua liners in the new year. I hear they're the best in this category.

One of the other ways I line my eyes is using eyeshadows wet or dry. If you're using MAC eyeshadows, be careful about wetting them as most of them cannot be used wet. But Beauty Marked is a great eyeshadow that can be damped and is wonderful as liner. I probably use it more as liner than shadow. Darker shadows are obviousely the best ones for lining. I also use Prussian, Plumage and Embark quite often to line my eyes. I find that a small angled brush is best when your using eyeshadows as liners.

I haven't personally used cake liner but if you have, please share your experience in comments and also whether you have any recommendations. Looking forward to reading all comments :)

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