December 10, 2009

As promised, new poll is up as it is Thursday. This one is more hair related and about how often do you change your hair style.

I thought of this question yesterday as I decided that I was already bored with my hair. I usually change my hair style every 3-6 months as I quickly become bored with my hair. I never make any dramatic changes though. i.e., I don'y dye my hair pink or get a buzz cut or anything. I just need subtle changes. Last time I got my hair layered more than usual, dyed it a dark cherry colour and got side swept bangs. Now I think I want to get blunt bangs before the holidays.

What do you guys think? and what kinda changes do you usually make to get out of a hair rut?

2 Responses to "Thursday Poll: How Often Do You Change Your Hair Style?"

  1. Bedalyz Says:

    wow, last time i did that was back in july? don't remember well. i posted that look. and i already changed it to my tipical long hair look. to be honest, i hate to go to the hair salon. so to answer your question, i change my style maybe... once a year? hehe

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    hehe, I'm lucky that my mom is a stylist so I just go to her and she's awesome!

    I need to do something to my hair soon!

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