November 22, 2012

Sometimes, my own strength takes me by surprise! I have had about 5 hours of sleep total the last 3 nights altogether (my baby has a cold and is teething); yet I manage to not only function on basic levels, I also blog, read, study, get errands done and take Sofia for daily walks. I think being a mother has made me a much stronger person.

Enough rambling now! I got my hands on the much buzzed about Chanel Notorious Sculpting Veil via a cp from the US last week. I don't always run for the latest beauty "it" product but this time I did and am glad. I'm fully smitten by Notorious!


Notorious is meant for use on the eyes and cheeks as a contour. I'm a big lover of taupes and so this shade really appealed to me. I was originally doubtful I could use such a gray toned colour on my cheeks but I was proven wrong.


For starters, a cool and matte shade does work better as a sculpting product despite your skintone. I have been a faithful user of MAC Sculpt Powder (Pro) since its original release in 2007. While I still like Sculpt, the super duper pigmented Notorious somehow manages to be more subtle yet defining on my cheeks. I don't know how it does it but it's true.


For fair/light/light medium skintones, you do need a teeny tiny bit of this only. Like I said, it's very pigmented, have a look:


I use my trustee MAC 168 brush and pick up an epsilon (lol) of Notorious and really buff it into the hollow of my cheeks and my temples. It ends up looking like I'm not wearing a powder but really defines my cheeks; a must for chubby cheeked girls like me. For reference, my skintone is light medium and cool; MAC NW25, Chanel BR20, Nars Santa Fe:


I have used Notorious as eye contour as well using MAC 224 brush and I gotta say, move over MAC Wedge and Urban Decay Naked eyeshadows, there is a new favourite in town :) Chanel is obviously more pricy, but I never seem to run out of their blushes so there is product in there to last my lifetime and more.

Have you checked out Chanel Notorious yet? What is your favourite contouring product?

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