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I stopped by my counter on my way back to work from a meeting to check this collection out. The girls at my counter had just finished putting up the display so I was the first person there pretty much :) I always go to the MAC collection launches with a list based on swatches I see beforehand so I don't get tempted by more stuff. It works pretty well for me

General Thoughts on the Collection

I had already decided to pass on the eyeshadows. Based on many swatches I had seen beforehand, the eyeshadows are all dupable or are colours I'm not a big fan of (warm colours in chalky textures). Therefore they were an easy pass for me.

The standout for me was the Redhead MSF. The texture in all three is divine; they're much smoother and less glittery on all previousely released MSF's. The Brunette is sorta like a bronzer on me and the Blonde one I don't think I need as I already have Petticoat MSF and Pearl Blossom bp both of which are pink highlight powders. I was very tempted by Redhead though, beautiful peachy and pigmented enough to be worn alone. I maye go back for this one tomorrow.

I was not interested in 165 but I really liked the other two. The 214 is a very cute smudge brush that I can see myself using a lot as I do a lot of smokey looks. This one is perm at all MAC stores so I can pick it up later. The 226 is a small blending brush that looks a lot like 224. I'm still deciding which one is best for me.

Lip Products
I was impressed by the lipsticks in this collection and that's saying a lot, as I don't really like lustres and frosts. I guess I have so many pigmented and bright lipsticks that I thought the lustres were a nice change. The lipglasses were hit and miss for me. Here's review on the colours I tried:

All's Fair l/s - beautiful light rasberry colour. Very flattering with my skin tone. I picked this up
B-Babe l/s - This is light frosty pink. In fact I thought this was too frosty and not very unique
Peroxide l/g - this was a very light pink colour. I liked it, but didn't think it ws unique
Strawberry Blonde l/g - I LOVED this. It's pigmented enough to be worn on it's own
Marquise D' l/s - This is an excellent nude lip colour with peach tones. I picked this up as well
Blow Dry l/s - I wanted to get this, but it's way too coral for my skintone. It swatched beautifully on my hand though
Live and Dye l/g - this look gorgeous over Marquise D'. Get it now!
Red Devil l/g - another one I really wanted to like. But it clashed horribly against my skin :(

A couple of swatches on my hand and lips.

Marquise D' l/s
Marquise D'

Marquise D' l/s + Live and Dye
Marquise D   Live and Dye

All's Fair l/s
All's Fair

Strawberry l/g
Strawberry Blonde

From left to right:
Live and Dye, Strawberry Blonde, All's Fair, Marquise D'

2 Responses to "Blonde Brunette Redheaed Haul and Mini Review"

  1. Beda Says:

    Yay! Thanks for posting!! The strawberry l/g looks amazing. About the 226, do you think it is stiffer than the 224?

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    i think it's only smaller, it's not really much stiffer in my opinion. I was very rushed when I was at MAC though. I will probably go back this weekend again to test it out again and also the 214

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