This is the look I wore yesterday to go see a movie with the hubby. The movie was called Slumdog Millionair. It's based in India and really a great movie in every sense. Afterward I swang by MAC again to cash in my empties. I ended up B2M'ing for Poste Haste e/s and also got the 226 from BBR. I can't wait to use this brush. It looks like the perfect deep-crease brush to me. Anyway here's the look.

Same as usual
Soft Flame loose bp

Bare Canvas paint
Conrflower p/m
Copperplate e/s
NYX Black e/s
Solar White e/s
Blanc Type e/s
Lise Watier Black Teal e/l - I cannot get over how pretty this is

Gladioala l/s
Snowscene l/g - I seem to be layering this over all my lipsticks!





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  1. Shayla Says:

    I never would have thought to put Cornflower and Copperplate together. Looks great!

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