Yeah, my heart is broken. I sit here and post my makeup looks to distract myself from all that's going on in Iran and how the fanatic government is destroying my homeland and killing my friends. I attended a vigil in the memory of those killed last night and cried for many hours. I feel better now but still down. I know this is a makeup blog but it's also my blog and I want it to reflect how I'm feeling which is not so good.

I was able to reach a couple of my friends in Iran last night and thankfully they're physically fine but all emotionally drained. All they asked me to do was to tell whoever I knew that they want freedom. So this is the least I can do for them.

Here's my look for today, it's a rainy day too. The weather is matching my mood...

Same as usual
Pleasantry mb
Petticoat MSF

Painterly p/p - base
Illegal Cargo e/s - lid
Climate Blue e/s - outer v
Clarity e/s - crease
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Lise Watier Marin e/l - lower lashline

Lips - this is one of my fave combos!
Pomposity l/s
Date Night d/g






5 Responses to "Broken Hearted :("

  1. Holly :) Says:

    your lipgloss is gorgeous!!

  2. Shayla Says:

    I'm sorry to hear about everything that's going on in Iran. I think in Canada we take our freedom for heart goes out to all your friends and family in Iran who are struggling for their freedom. Hopefully this horrifying situation will end soon :(

    And hugs for you, too, Saadeh *hugs*

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Holly - thank you :)

    Shayla - I know, I shall never take my freedom for granted. But my ppl are now such an inspiration today, I'm so proud to be from that land now :)

  4. maya Says:

    Hi hun, my bf and I are hoping for justice and freedom in Iran!! As a matter of fact, we keep following the news every day. The Iranian people have suffered so much and it's just not right that such an ancient, bright and awesome people should be oppressed & killed by backwards fanatics.
    Sending my love from israel

  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Maya - Thank you, I really wish our government could learn from our ancestors like Cyrus the great. The killing is getting out of hands. I hope the day our great nations (Irand and Israel) are together again is very close :)

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