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I was inspired by the super hot day outside to make a post about some of my favourite summer makeup products.

Sunscreen: This is a must for me. Despite my darker skin, I burn very quickly. I look like a lobster in a matter of minutes if I don't have sunscreen on. My go to product is Neutrogena's Dry Touch sun lotion SPF45.

Foundation/Powder: I tend to not wear foundation in the summer. It feels very heavy to me and Ottawa gets pretty humid so I just skip it. MAC MSFN in Medium Plus is my summer long staple though. This feels very light and does not get cakey. I touch up during the day with MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark. It's the best blot powder I've ever tried. One note on the blot powder, these run a little light. So if you wear medium plus in MSFN you might wanna get the medium dark in blot powder. I love to add some colour to my face with Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer or MAC X-Rocks blush topped with MAC Sunspill loose beauty powder. Another summer favourite is Nars Deep Throat blush.

Eye Products: I continue using MAC's Paint Pots during the summer as my eyeshadow base. They prevent creasing of my eyeshadow all year long. I've gone 12+ hours with them and they've worked their magic! My top pick eyeshadow colours for the summer are:

MAC Melon pigment
MAC Teal pigments
MAC Goldmine
MAC All that Glitters
MAC Aquadisiac

In general, I favour shades of gold, aqua and peach/coral during the summer.

Lip Products: Summer is the only season when I wear I always wear lipgloss on top of my lipstick. I guess it has to do with the fact that my hair is mostly up so it doesn't get stuck to my lips. Here's a list of my summer faves:

MAC Girl About Town lipstick
MAC Vegas Volt lipstick - only season this looks good on its own (at least on me)
MAC Port Red lipstick - if you can find it, this is the ideal summer red
MAC Nymphette lipgloss
MAC Pink Greapfruit lipgloss

Nailpolish: I love my brights for the summer. My stash is actually composed of mostly dark and vampy polishes as I generally prefer them. However, I try to give them a rest during the summer and reach for my brights. Some of my favourite summer nail polishes are:

China Glaze Bahamian Escape
China Glaze Orange Marmalade
Essie Chasitity
Misa The Grass is Greener on My Side
OPI Banana Bandanna
OPI Flashbulb Fischia

Hope this helped someone :)

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