I picked up Orly's Smudge Fixer very randomly at a dusty in Westboro here in Ottawa about a month ago. They had a buy 3 nail polishes for $10. I asked the owner if I can get the smudge fixer instead of a third polish and he agreed. The smudge fixer has actually since become my life saver!

I usually polish my nails at night and then try to erase my mistakes while showering in the morning. The Orly smudge fixer has made my life so much easier. This is pretty much a clear "eraser" in liquid form. It comes in the same size as the Orly nail polish. I wait till my nails are dry and then use the brush and lightly go over my mistakes. Then use my thumb to rub it off. It's so easy and quick and does not mess up with the rest of my polish. Orly Smudge Fixer is definitely an HG product for me now. I have no idea how I survived before given I change my nail polish every second day, lol!

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