May 6, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone! This is a scheduled post so when you read this, I will be in a site inspection, lol! Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

For today's poll, I thought I ask you about makeup and your man (husband/boyfriend/finace/partner). We all know men can be funny with makeup sometimes. I have many guy friends who pretty much think that makeup is totally unnecessary and that women who wear it are high maintenance. I've been lucky with my hubby though. He totally supports my beauty buys and time is takes to beautify myself. He even listens to my beauty ramblings including what I think of various products and trends, how happy I was with my FOTD and some random beauty fact I read that day. He also give me feedback on my FOTD's quite frequently. He pretty much says as long as I'm happy, he's happy. I guess I totally lucked out in that department.

You guys' turn now. How does your man feel about your beauty habits?

9 Responses to "Thursday poll - Makeup and Your Man"

  1. SummerBabe Says:

    Mine is very suportive and likes to listen to me when I`m talking about MU, he also always buys me the products that I want but wouldn`t buy because of the price, He really is a sweety ;)

  2. Nepenthe Says:

    He's supportive of my fascination (addiction.. LOL), but I think his preference is more low key.. which is great for those days that I don't feel like wearing makeup. :]

  3. Halifax Says:

    Mine is understanding, but still questions "Don't you already have that colour/ product?" lol

  4. Shayla Says:

    I don't have a man :P But when I get one, he better not have an issue with it, or he won't be *my* man for long! ;)

  5. Fintia Says:

    Mine is ok lol.. he have his days when he even talks to me about make up if he sees a magazine or something but there are days when he does not really care.. he still rolls his eyes a bit when I come home with a new make up goodie lol..

  6. Miss IPP Says:

    He is 85% supportive and understanding. He wants me/expects me to wear makeup on a daily basis, but not too heavy or entirely flashy. He supports my passion for my work (that's My Makeup, too!).

  7. Laura Says:

    My husband is so sweet. I wear makeup whenever we are going out on little dates, whether it be a nice lunch or dinner and a movie. He only complains about the nail polish smell, and even then he lets me paint his toenails. Actually it is more of an incentive for me as he will walk up and ask if I want to paint his toenails which actually means, "Will you clip my toenails?" He knows I like to paint them.


  8. mKat Says:

    Mine is pretty supportive about my addiction and will even comment on interesting makeup he has seen elsewhere that he thinks I should try (like people on the subway or characters in a videogame etc.) The only time he's ever critical is if I am critical of one of his hobbies... Then I'll usually hear something to the effect of "...and how much of that makeup or nail polish have you actually WORN? At least my *insert item/hobby etc.* gets USED..." haha

    But usually, he's pretty good.

    He even lets me give him manicures because he likes the hand massages. :P

  9. Shadowy Lady Says:

    lol, interesting answers so far, seems like most ladies men are pretty supportive though :)

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