December 6, 2009

And here goes my weekend, it ended before I get a chance to rest. One of my coworkers was here for a makeup session and was pleased by the look I did on her. I like doing makeup on other ppl as I love how they "aaah" and "oooh" at the end, hehe! My intention is not to ever work as a makeup artist. I love my job as it's very mentally simulating and like to be challenged everyday. But I do find that doing makeup (on myself or others) always relaxes me. I like to have the balance of both.

Anyway, I did this look on me just for fun before heading out to do some errands. Hope you like it.

Lise Watier Concealer
MUFE F&B #32
Love Thing mb
Pearl Blossom bp

Painterly p/p - base
Rated R e/s - middle of lid
MUFE #9 - inner and outer lid
MUFE #92 - lightly in the crease
Vanilla p/m - highlight
Young Punk MES - to liner

Craving l/s
Creme Allure d/g





2 Responses to "Colourful Sunday"

  1. Stephanie Says:

    looove this color combo!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks Stephanie :)

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