December 31, 2009


And it's officially the last day of decade! I hope everyone starts an amazing new year and decade. Are you guys into making resolutions? I don't always make them coz I find that I don't usually keep them. This year though I have some resolutions. The first one being losing some weight. I want to get to my ideal weight of 140lb by spring. The second one is that I want to save some money and send to Iran to support the ppl's green movement. I enjoy full democracy and freedom of speech here and I want the same for the ppl of my home country.

Moving on to the poll, as I mentioned yesterday I'm going to a house party this NYE and going to be totally dressed up (yay, I always love being dressed up). Obviously, my nails will be painted in some glitzy shade. As of now I'm thinking either ChG Sexagon or Colour Club Fashion Addict.

What are you guys wearing on your nails tonight? Even if you're not going out, what would you wear if you did go out? Please vote at the poll located on the right side and feel free to elaborate in here.

Happy New Year!

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