December 28, 2009

Since I've had ppl asking me where I get some of the outfits I wear in my FOTD's, I figured I could do a couple of posts on fashion and how I dress myself in general. I'm by no means a fashion expert; I enjoy reading refashion magazines (I subscribe to InStyle and Elle Canada) and I've been dressing myself for a while now (lol!) so I can share with you tips I've learned by experience.

1. Don't be a slave to trends

True, I follow the trends closely to get a feel for what's coming. But I never had and will have a full on trendy wardrobe. In general, I only buy trendy items that attract my attention and are "me" pieces. I also buy trendy pieces from cheaper brands and spend more on classic items. For example, I fully embraced the military trends and leather jackets of this fall/winter so I have bought a couple of military style blazers and a versatile leather jacket. On the other hand, patterned leggings were also big and I would personally never go there.

2. Know your body type and dress for it

I do not have a model's body, a lot of trends are just not cut for someone with my body type. I'm a relatively tall girl (5'7") so my height gives me versatility with various lengths of skirts/pants/dresses. But I have an hourglass body type so I tend to favour classic cuts such as shift dresses, v-neck and sweetheart neck shirts and dresses, pencil skirt and anything with a belt. I stay away from anything empire waisted, bubble skirts for most pat, ruffles on top and anything backless (I cannot go bra less). Once you become secure in your body and know what works or doesn't, you shop smarter and acquire pieces that will work for you now and in the future.

3. Splurge vs Save

Everybody has a set budget for clothing and I personally feel that it's important to know when to splurge and when to save. Again the amount of splurge is directly proportional to your income. I tend to spend a little more when it comes to coats and boots (I live in Canada!), shoes, button down shirts (I need them tailored to fit my body) and dress pants. I save and buy cheaper pieces when it comes to party dresses and tops, jewelry and super trendy items (like liquid leggings).

4. Always do an an inventory of your closet before shopping

This is something I've learned after years of buying similar outfits. I'd go all giddy over stretchy red dress and buy it only to come home and see that I have a dress just like it in my closet. So now at the beginning of every season, I do an inventory of my closet. Give away what I don't use and write down what I need (things I splurge on) and what I want (things I spend less money on). This method has helped me have a more well rounded inventory of clothes at my arsenal.

5. Timing is key

Obviously, you can always score great finds during seasonal sales or at chains like Winners (or TJ Maxx in the US), but I have one more tip; time your shopping trip so you're there between 2-3 pm. I find that's is the time the sales staff is the most helpful and the stores less busy. The lunch crowd has left and the after work crowd hasn't arrived. I tend to take an afternoon off work once every few months to do my shopping. I put a lot of overtime at my work so and occasional afternoon off is never a big deal for my boss.

Hope this post was helpful to you guys. I will have another post about stores I prefer and why sometimes later this week :)

3 Responses to "Fashion Post - Part 1"

  1. Shayla Says:

    All excellent ideas my dear...thanks for sharing!

    PS - I'm still making you take me shopping when I get out there sometime :P

  2. em Says:

    awesome tips! :D

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shayla - for sure, we'll go shopping together...but plz come to my neck of the wood :D

    Em - thank you, I hope the next part will be helpful too :)

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