December 3, 2009

In an attempt to make my blog's contents more diverse, I thought of doing a different poll every Thursday. Obviously most of the topics are going to be makeup related but we will see as time passes if there's interest for other topics as well. I created the poll box on the left side of this post so it should be easy to locate. Please vote and comment in reply to this post.

Ok, so the first poll is about tone selection and whether you feel like your skintone/features can carry any colour.

My personal feeling is that most people CAN wear most colours regardless of their colouring when it comes to eyeshadows/eye makeup. Sure, certain colours make different eye colours pop more. For example, I have weirdly coloured eyes which can be brown, honey brown, gold or olive green depending on the light. They look olive green from close-up though. I have learned by experience that dark shades of blue, muted shades of green (khaki or olive green) and any shades of gold are the best for me. I still wear all the colours of the rainbow though.

The difficulty is with cheeks, lips and nails even. I actually thought of this post when I gave away yet another peach nail polish to my mom. Peachy toned polishes do not work for me, I have tried on more than 20 from various brands. I honestly don't know why. I love peach but peach hates me! I have light medium skin with I've been told neutral (beige) undertone leaning cool (in my case red), so you think I should be able to wear anything: wrong! I have the same problem with peachy nude lipsticks and that is why I do pinky nudes instead. Another problem is pink lipsticks with yellow undertone; no can't do. Again something I've learned by experience. For example, Pink Nouveau and Chatterbox are similar pink MAC lipsticks except that Pink Nouveau has blue undertone and Chatterbox has yellow. I had Chatterbox for about a year until I finally came to the realization that was not the colour for me and passed it to my mom again.

When it comes to cheek colour, again the world is my oyster! I can even wear peachy blushes, yay!

How about you guys? Do you have any preference with tones or some colours just don't work?

2 Responses to "New Blog Feature - Thursday Poll"

  1. Shayla Says:

    Great idea! I voted...and I can wear anything I put my mind to! :D

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shayla - you're lucky! I put mind into wearing peach but still no luck!

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